Every year, there are almost 87 million people who visit Colorado. It has turned tourism into one of the largest industries in the entire state.

If you’re interested in taking a trip to Colorado, you’ll need to keep the Colorado weather in mind when you’re booking it. It’ll help you decide what the best time to visit Colorado would be.

Generally speaking, there really isn’t a bad time throughout the year to visit Colorado. The best season in Colorado is every season.

But if you have some specific activities in mind for your Colorado trip, you’ll need to think about what the best weather in Colorado would be for them. We’re going to help you decide this today by breaking down a few of the best times to visit Colorado below.

The Best Time to Visit Colorado for Skiing

If you’re kicking around the idea of visiting Colorado so that you can go skiing, you’re not alone! A lot of the people who visit Colorado each year do so in order to hit the slopes.

If this is your plan, you’ll be happy to know that the Colorado weather allows for a relatively long ski season compared to other parts of the country. There are some mountains that will open for skiing (and snowboarding!) from October through May.

Not all mountains stay open for this long, though. Most of them begin welcoming skiers and snowboarders sometime around the end of November and continue welcoming them right up through the beginning of April.

But more often than not, you’re going to find that the ski slopes will be at their busiest in February and March. This is when the most snow falls in the state. It’ll provide you with the perfect Colorado weather for skiing and snowboarding.

The Best Time to Visit Colorado for Hiking

As we just mentioned, most of the people who visit Colorado every year do so in order to ski or snowboard. But those aren’t the only great activities that you can take part in during a Colorado vacation.

Colorado is also a great place to go hiking. You can work your way through places like Rocky Mountain National Park and see so many great sights along the way.

But if you’re going to visit Colorado to go hiking, you should not plan to do it in the winter. And in fact, you shouldn’t even plan to do it in the spring. Instead, you’ll want to wait for the summer to roll around to ensure that it’s on the warmer side outside.

Those who visit Colorado in the summertime can also enjoy a wide variety of other outdoor activities like whitewater rafting. The temperatures will typically climb up into the 80s during the summer months and make Colorado a great place to participate in watersports.

The Best Time to Visit Colorado for RVing

Are you looking into the different road trips for motorhome owners that you can take after buying an RV? If you are, you’ll notice that Colorado will be one of your options.

But if you would like to go on an RV adventure to Colorado, passing through the state in winter won’t be the best idea in the world. The snow that falls throughout the state in the winter can make driving treacherous for RV owners.

At the same time, you don’t necessarily need to wait until the middle of the summer to take your RV to Colorado. You’re welcome to do it in either the fall or spring if you would like.

The roads will be much better in the fall and spring than they are in the winter in Colorado. You’ll also have lots of fall or spring colors to look at on the trees are you drive in Colorado in the fall or spring. 

The Best Time to Visit Colorado for Festivals

If you’re a big fan of going to festivals, you’ll love everything that Colorado has to offer. There are lots of festivals that take place throughout the state, including the Telluride Film Festival in the first week of September.

Some other good festivals in Colorado are the:

  • Telluride Bluegrass Festival
  • Colorado Brewers Festival
  • Blues and BBQ Festival
  • Food & Wine Classic
  • Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

Almost all of the festivals in Colorado are in either the spring, summer, or fall. These would the best times to visit Colorado for festival lovers.

The Best Time to Visit Colorado for Sports

There is no shortage of options for sports fans who want to come to Colorado to take in a sporting event. From the NFL’s Denver Broncos to the NBA’s Denver Nuggets to MLB’s Colorado Rockies, there is almost always a sporting event to catch in Colorado.

Most people will tell you that the fall and winter are the best times to visit Colorado for sports fans since the Broncos and Nuggets are probably the two biggest draws. But you can also come at any other time of the year and find at least one other great sporting event going on.

Keep the Colorado Weather in Mind When Booking a Trip

Each of the seasons in Colorado is very different. It tends to get very cold and snowy in the winter and very hot and sticky in the summer.

Because of this, you can make your way to Colorado at just about any time and guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic time. But you should keep a close eye on the Colorado weather in the weeks leading up to your trip and plan accordingly. It’ll ensure that you have the time of your life when you’re exploring the state.

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