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If you’re looking for the best skin cancer clinic Brisbane has to offer, then look no further. This will give you all of the information that you need about where to go and what treatments are available at each location and clinics like Sundoctors Australia. Skin cancer is a serious issue and it’s important to know your options if you have been diagnosed with any type of skin cancer, but especially if melanoma is in question. The more information that people have access to, the better chance they’ll be able to make an informed decision about their treatment plan.

Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

:*A mole or growth that changes in size, shape and/or color. *A sore that does not heal after two weeks. *Bleeding from a wound where there is no cut present.*An open sore that crusts over and then reopens.

*Pale pink bump on the skin with little to no hair near it.

*Open sore that crusts over and then reopens.

*A flat spot on the skin or a mole with an irregular shape, color or border.

*Red, itchy rash without any blisters.

*Dark lesions on the surface of the skin.

*White patches in the mouth caused by cancerous cells from the lining of your nose spreading to you lips

Locations Where Treatment Of Skin Cancer Provided In Brisbane

  • Skin Cancer Clinic Toombul. Toombul Shopping Centre, Nundah QLD 4012.
  • Skin Cancer Clinic Mitchelton. Unit 1, 23 Blackwood Street, Mitchelton 4053. 07 3855 8500.
  • Skin Cancer Clinic Warner. 1405 Old North Road, Warner 4500.

How Will Treatment Be It Done?

*The only thing you need to do is make an appointment with your general practitioner. If they notice any of the signs listed above, then it’s time for further investigation. When you arrive at the doctor’s office or hospital, a specialist will examine your skin and take some tissue samples from suspicious regions in order to detect cancerous cells.

*In most cases, this procedure can be done without anesthesia because it doesn’t hurt too much and usually consists of just scraping off some surface cells from a mole or lesion using a sharp blade on the end of a stick called dermatologist forceps. One other way doctors find out if there are abnormal areas on your body is through biopsy ,when they surgically remove small pieces of tissue from the skin for analysis.

*This can be done with a needle or scalpel, and is often used to diagnose melanomas.*If you have any suspicious areas on your body that are bleeding, oozing pus, scaling off layers of skin or crusty bumps on top which bleed when they’re scratched, it’s important to visit a doctor immediately. These could indicate cancerous growths that need treatment before surgery.

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Steps Followed After Treatment:

*Once the mole has been removed, it’s sent to pathology testing for examination. *The doctor will also determine if you’ll need other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.*In some cases surgery may be required and this is often done by a plastic surgeon.

*If there are no signs of cancer then your dermatologist can help with scar prevention treatments which may include laser resurfacing or skin grafting to reduce redness on the surface of your skin. This process helps improve appearance by reducing dimpling and dents in the scars left behind from surgery.

The doctor will determine if you need other treatments such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy following examination. In some cases surgery may also be required, which would typically involve plastic surgery techniques that could include laser resurfacing or skin grafting procedures to reduce redness on the surface of the scar.

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