Drinking purified water is essential for keeping one healthy. Before selecting the best UV water purifier in India check out the differences between RO and UV water purification technologies. Water purifiers help remove undesirable chemicals, materials, and biological contaminants from contaminated water, making it desirable for everybody. The main benefit of a water purifier is that one can produce safe drinking water anytime, anywhere. 

One can look at these factors :

1)TDS level: 

UV water purifiers have the TDS level of 450-500ppm, whereas RO purifiers have above 500ppm. Using RO purifiers above 500pm helps filter out the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water.


 The RO water purifiers tend to remove all the bacterias and dissolved salts. A UV purifier removes and kills the germs that contaminate the water with UV light technology.

3)Maintenance cost:

RO has a slightly higher maintenance cost than UV water purifiers in India. Therefore one can select the best UV water purifier in India for home. UV water purifier price in India ranges differently.

List of the best UV water purifier in India

1)Eureka Forbes

  • Purifies up to 7 liters per hour 
  • Seven stages of water purification
  • power of 24w watts
  •  The best UV, UF water purifier in India

2)Faber water purifier- best UV uf water purifier in India

  • the capacity of purifying 7 liters of water
  • smart energy-saving technology
  •  Six stages of water purification
  • Free installation provided.

3)Zenora V-Guard purifier

  • Zenora has an 8 stage purification method
  • the capacity of 7 liters storage 
  • Guarded with two protected layers
  • considered as the best UV filter in India today
  • best UV water purifier in India for home

4) Blue-star- UV water purifier India

  • Blue star purifies up to 285 liters of water.
  • Has the storage capacity of 6 liters
  • Blue star features antibacterial properties that remove germs, odor, and bacteria from the water, making it healthier and safer to drink.
  • Free installation provided.

UV water purifier price in India ranges differently. One can purchase the suitable one from the website mentioned below 

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