When looking for the finest second hand piano stores in Singapore, it may be useful to look at a side-by-side comparison of two well-known businesses. I’m frequently asked about Kawai and Yamaha pianos, which are two of the top upright piano manufacturers.

Kawai and Yamaha are two of the brightest and most illustrious pianists in the business today. So, who creates better pianos: Kawai or Yamaha?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Should I Purchase a Kawai Piano? The Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying a Kawai Piano

KAWAI, as a firm, has long advocated for the use of plastic and composite materials in pianos rather than wood, which naturally changes the texture, tone, and touch when played. Kawai also offers a longer key than most pianos on the market today.

According to Kawai, this helps pianists play difficult passages with great dexterity, for example ones with a lot of ornamentation or particularly fast-moving measures. Unfortunately, however, I find Kawai’s tone to be excessively dead, metallic, and dark. The sound is so spotless that it seems like a toy piano in some respects.

Should I Get a Yamaha Piano? Advantages and Disadvantages.

Yamaha is recognized for having a very bright sound, and I believe it’s true. It’s so distinct that I believe I could identify a Yamaha piano from the others if I were blindfolded. The tone, on the other hand, is still full and well-balanced.

Both Kawai and Yamaha, like many Asian pianos, lack the warmth we associate with pianos made elsewhere. However, in comparison to Kawai’s newer instruments, some of Yamaha’s newest models seem to have a warmer treble section.

The action (how the key responds to pressing) and sustain (how long tones endure) of Yamaha’s instruments are significantly superior.

Which Piano Brands Are the Best?

It may be difficult to select the greatest piano brands for your skills, budget, and other criteria when looking for a new piano. Finding the best makes and models can be tough. There are several additional internet resources where you may get assistance.

You can also go to a piano store, play both Kawai and Yamaha pianos, and make your decision based on which one you prefer.

In my view, asking your piano teacher is the finest method to discover the right piano for you. If you haven’t already started taking piano lessons, now is a good time to start. An experienced piano instructor can offer you his or her suggestions.

We love pianos because they bring a touch of elegance to our homes, and we’re prepared to invest in long-term upkeep and maintenance. As a result, I believe that Yamaha produces instruments with greater sturdiness and longevity. Many organizations, schools, and performing artists choose Yamaha as a result of this. Perhaps you should think about it too.

By Hemant Kumar

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