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Aluminum is the 3rd most common mineral in the earth’s mantle and the most plentiful metal on the globe, and it’s discovered chiefly as Bauxite ore. The biochemical, physical, and mechanical qualities of advanced aluminum alloys are responsible for the global metal consumption increasing at a rate of nearly 5% each year. Here are just a few of the causes why the demand for anodized aluminum from Beta View in the glazing industry is still growing, and why  BetaView aluminium windows & doors are so popularWith the material now commanding the commercial sector and giving PVC-U a boost to the economy in the domestic segment.  Aluminum has been referred to as a “magical metal.” What makes it ideal for use in windows, gates, and curtains drywall, though?

Reasons Why Aluminium Windows And Doors Are So Popular!

1. Lightweight – Aluminum is a highly light metal with a specific density of only 2.7 g/cm3, about a third of those of aluminum or iron. It’s one of the cheapest metals on the market. This makes it excellent for doors and windows frameworks; however, when it refers to curtain walling, the use of a lightweight framework is incredibly vital. Because curtain walls aren’t structural and can only support their weight, the lighter they are, the preferable.

2. Corrosion Resistance — If you want a reduced window, aluminum is the way to go. When aluminum makes contact with the atmosphere, an outermost layer of aluminum oxide develops on the surface almost instantly. This layer is exceptionally corrosion-resistant from elements, including acid deposition, and will not be harmed by household cleaners. Unlike wood or PVC-U frames, aluminum window frames will not expand, crack, split, or warp with time, matter the weather. Anodizing or painting (typically by powder coating) the surfaces can improve corrosion resistance even more.

3. Won’t Break – Aluminium is ductile and malleable, which implies it can be twisted, squeezed into shape, or pulled out through a piece of wire without compromising its toughness or shattering. To put it another way, it’s malleable rather than brittle. Aluminum is, in reality, the two most flexible and 6th most metallic elements. This is fantastic news for everyone who wants a curved curtain wall or windows since the metal framework profiles can be twisted or compressed into the desired shape without cracking.

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4. 100% Recyclable — Metal is a one-of-a-kind metal when it relates to the recycling center. It is 100 % recyclable, and recycled aluminum is of the same quality as virgin aluminum. As a result, it can be recycled multiple times. Approximately 75% of all aluminum created in history is still in use nowadays. This is terrific information for aluminum production, especially considering that global demand for aluminum has grown to roughly 29 million tonnes per year since the very first commercial amounts were manufactured approximately 100 years ago. It’s even good information for the planet because although it takes 14,000 kWh to generate 1 tonne of fresh aluminum, remelting and recycling the same quantity only needs 5-10%. As a result, there will be a negligible carbon impact and reduced costs.

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