If you’re constantly checking out the same things in your latest submissions, new Instagram features can help you de-stress and focus on enjoying your peers’ images. After years of experimenting with hiding likes, the platform decided in May to offer customer management for visibility of the number of Instagram likes. If you find yourself struggling with a whole new feature, there are a few simple fixes that can help you quickly discourage what you love.

How to hide likes on instagram

If you need to hide likes from individual accounts’ posts, go to your profile’s web page and tap the three stocks in the upper right corner to go to your Instagram settings. From there, tap “Privacy” and then “Post.” Here you’ll see a “Hide Likes and Show Counts” toggle, which you can toggle on and off at any time. Hide it so you don’t see everything that depends on what posts appear in your feed.

To hide likes in one of your personal posts from your followers, tap in the send three dots in the upper right corner and select the “Hide Like Count” possibility. Other customers can scroll through the list of people who appreciate your submission, but recipients won’t be able to properly view the various likes.

You can also hide likes from different customers in the process of making a send. When you reach the last Extended View screen for a brand new transmission, use the advanced fields on the back as a tap to see the toggle. If you change your mind after hiding things like hide in reply to a send, you can always change them by opening Send Later and selecting the three dots in the upper right corner. Either way, you can always check that what you’ve sent by tapping the text content of “[account] etc. is up-to-date”.

Why can’t I hide likes on Instagram?

Instagram has been considering hiding likes for years, but in May 2021 we released a new feature for all our customers. For some customers, it may take time to get a replacement.

If you’re having trouble finding an option to cover your preferences, head over to the App Store (iPhone customers) or Google Play Store (Android users) to take advantage of the latest Instagram models. Please find someone who . Sort “Instagram” in the search field to see if your app is up to date. If you have a replacement, there’s an Update button so you can set up a new model for your app. If you’re already using the latest Instagram model, there’s an Open button instead.

If your Instagram app is up to date and you still can’t enter the features, try restarting your gadget. You can also access the Gadget Settings app to make sure your system is up to date. Otherwise, apps like Instagram may not be updated properly. Within the Settings app, iPhone customers can tap “General” to find out about a software replacement, and Android customers can choose “About Phone” to find out.

Sometimes bugs can screw up Instagram. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app may resolve the issue. After reinstalling, simply re-enter your login credentials. If all else fails, you can report a problem by going to Instagram settings, tapping Help, selecting Report a problem, and following the instructions on the display screen.

Instagram Is Testing “Private Likes” On Stories

If you’re looking for casual and happy media to join your favorite Instagram story, you can have your prayers answered with the new personal features of Instagram Story. If you’ve been taking part in a test lately, you may be able to recognize your Instagram story with all the affectionate support like Instagram and all the hassle-free double-tap embarrassment of grid posts. Hmm. According to BuzzVoice, Instagram has started rolling out this feature for its users in the first week of January.

Similar to the swipe-up emoji reaction and the option to reply to a story, this information would only be visible to the user who posted the story. As such, the feature primarily serves as a new way for users to engage through story content, and not as a kind of public engagement metric (as you know, in public). . However, users can see the total number of likes found in the story. This can be useful for content writers who want to increase their engagement with the story.

After fixing the problem with the Instagram app, you’ll finally be able to send selfie photos without worrying about the exe or previous acquaintances determining your taste.

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