It has never been as crucial for businesses to ensure the safety of their sensitive data as now. Many companies currently employ network security – they now understand why it is essential to continually monitor and maintain their computers to ensure the smooth running of their business. However, not all companies are opportune for this. Some companies find it challenging, especially small-scale businesses, because of their skill or financial incapacitation. Hence, the need for the introduction of the managed services providers.

Who are Managed Service Providers?

IT Managed Service Providers in Singapore, MSPs, is a company hired to maintain and manage an organisation’s infrastructure and network such that such an organisation can focus on other vital responsibilities.

While some businesses outsource just a part of their IT operations to a Managed Service Provider, some businesses allow an MSP to handle their entire IT infrastructure. Regardless of the option subscribed for, the agreement is always based on certain predefined guidelines consisting of an extensive range of responsibilities and a predetermined aim to accomplish.

Advantages of Hiring MSPs

Below, we have discussed a few advantages businesses stand to enjoy by hiring Managed Service Providers:

  1. Business Focus: 

This is a major reason organizations should consider hiring an MSP. When MSPs handle a company’s IT, helping them manage their security allows such a company to focus on a few other growth-oriented aspects. For instance, such a company can focus on innovation, research, development, etc., which consequently scalesproductivity.

  • Cost-Effectiveness:

Without gainsaying, the budget to build a team of in-house IT professionals is always on the high side. Similarly, the recurrent cost incurred to maintain these professionals isn’t usually small or medium-sized businesses can afford. Albeit, hiring an MSP helps reduce the burden of these costs on such companies.

Other advantages of hiring MSPs are:

  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Efficient Scalability

Types of MSP Services

The services offered by Managed Service Providers include:

  1. Managed Helpdesk: 

The managed helpdesk service is an incorporation of all the IT department’s responsibilities without having to bother about extra expenses. Basically, this service offers support to a company’s existing staff – it can be either remote or onsite support. The managed helpdesk support allows prompt responses to any IT problems that may arise.

  • Managed Maintenance: 

An IT system lacking maintenance is usually vulnerable. Most MSPs help businesses monitor their IT infrastructures and security software, helping them keep their computers active while ultimately ensuring the business’s continuity. Their maintenance service also includes ensuring that the company’s regular security requirements are updated, eliminating the risk of cyber incidents.

  • Managed Procurement: 

It is often difficult to shop for new devices personally.The benefits of seeking external help to help find the best software and devices that align with its aims and objectives can never be exaggerated. MSPs help companies through the entire process, from product research until delivery of the product.

Cyber Security and Managed Service Provider

Several businesses are already hiring Managed Service Providers to acquire technology and maintain their IT infrastructures. The increase in cyberattacks experienced by modern-day organizations is consequently making businesses strongly consider MSPs for the protection of their sensitive data. A Managed Service Provider helps a great deal in protecting your business’ data from web attacks, malware infection, phishing, etc.

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Basically, Managed Service Providers for cybersecurity can help your business to achieve the following:

  1. Proactive Protection
  2. Continuous Update
  3. Business Continuity
  4. Knowledge Transfer

By Hemant Kumar

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