importance of outsourcing

The larger the company, the more positions for employee service and internal affairs are created. Managers are often faced with the challenge of what departments to create within the organization and what to outsource. In addition, it is usually not so easy to calculate which solution will be more profitable because most industries are based on seasonality and at the same time we need more employees specialized in a given process, and in a moment they are completely redundant. Below is a subjective list of areas worth leaving outside the company.

Organization of corporate events

It is standard in the largest corporations to outsource the organization of both team-building events and events aimed at clients to event agencies. This is a good solution because it is usually agencies that have contacts and more attractive rates for renting space or catering. In addition, to organize an event at one time, more people are needed, who are assigned only to this project.


Virtually every company has the so-called IT from everything, i.e. a person who, in theory, is to repair broken printers and computers. In practice, however, usually there is not enough time for everyone or there is not enough knowledge about all the equipment. A cure for this problem may be helpdesk IT, i.e. hiring an external company that will take over the IT service of the company. The advantage of this solution is that we usually quickly contact a person who will be able to help us and will have time for us.

Writing programs

Here the matter is obvious. Most companies need personalized IT programs. While accounting or fiscal ones can be purchased ready-made, the remaining ones supporting specific processes require the appointment of a special team of people. Outsourcing IT is actually a necessity and the only solution.

Social media support

This is the most controversial topic because there are entrepreneurs who recognize that it is impossible to run social media or websites effectively without being inside the company. However, numerous examples show that marketing agencies specializing in taking care of the company’s image on the Internet are perfect and at quite affordable rates.

Cleaning, security, catering etc.

There is no need to elaborate on this point because the examples themselves show what decisions are made by company managers. Delegating the simplest activities seems to be the only solution. In addition to hotels and gastronomy, where it is an element of the services offered, corporations choose specialized companies. Dropping side topics allows you to focus on the mainstream activity.


By Hemant Kumar

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