Prefer Coloring Pages

With the development of technology, many of the daily life tasks and processes have been shifted to online modes. Similar is the case of coloring. Now a days a vast variety of coloring pages is available online and they are considered to be a better option than coloring books. For example, sports coloring pages like printable soccer coloring pages, cartoons and toys coloring pages are among the most famous ones.

There are several reasons behind preference of coloring pages over books. For example, you can easily get coloring pages by downloading them online instead of going and buying them from market. Here are more factors that that make them a better option than books.

Facility of reprinting:

One of the most considerable factors that make coloring pages preferable over books is the facility of reprinting. While coloring, there are chances of mistakes due to various reasons. In case of coloring books, a little mistake may destroy and waste the whole book.

While in case of coloring pages, if the colors don’t match or the coloring pages get spoiled by any other factors, you can easily get these coloring pages by reprinting them with the help of your printer.

You can reprint the pages as many times as you need. In this way, your child can practice more and more until he gains a skill set or expertise.

Compatibility of size:

Second worth-considering factor is the suitability of sizing of coloring pages. If you have got a coloring book of your kid’s choice and everything is ok except the size of paper, the incompatibility of the paper size can be problematic for you.

While, in case of coloring pages, you are free to download them in the size of your own choice. This factor gives coloring pages an upper hand over the coloring books. Hence, we can say that sizing of pages can also be a reason behind preference of coloring pages over books.

Unlimited variety:

In contrast with the coloring books, where you are just limited to a certain set of pages and pictures, the coloring pages provide you an unlimited variety of coloring pictures. From sports coloring pages like printable soccer coloring pages to cartoon coloring pages and many more, every type of coloring pages can be found online and printed easily.

There is no limit imposed on you, and you can choose any of the coloring pages your kid likes and download it through your printer. It is one of the major plus points coloring pages have against books.

Get your child’s favorite coloring page within no time:

Let’s suppose your child loves spot the difference puzzles and games. You can get him spot the difference printable or coloring pages in order to divert his concentration towards the coloring activity.

You cannot afford buying the whole coloring book just to get this specific coloring page or picture. Fortunately, availability of all types of coloring pages online resolves this issue and helps you get the coloring page of your kid’s choice by simply downloading it in no time through printer.

Save your time:

Getting or buying a coloring book from market can be a time taking or even a difficult task. While, downloading a coloring page from any website takes no time. So, we can say that another benefit of going for the option of coring pages is that it saves your time up to a considerable extent.


In the light of above given discussion, we can conclude that choosing the coloring pages option is far better than selecting the coloring books. Irrespective of the type of coloring pages, whether they are spot the difference printable or any other sort of coloring pages, you can get them with greater ease as compared to the coloring books.

Therefore, whenever you have a plan to engage your child in coloring activity, it would be better for you to go for coloring pages instead of books.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!