Want to make your home more comfortable and more enjoyable to relax in? Then you need ceiling fans around your home.

Ceiling fans make it super easy and convenient to boost airflow and circulate clean, cool air around your house. And since they are mounted on the ceiling, it means not having to deal with ugly, bulky box fans that take up precious space on the ground.

But if you appreciate high-quality home goods that last, you should consider Fanimation ceiling fans. These are some of the highest quality fans you can install in your home. Not only will they provide you with airflow, but they will make your home look incredible.

Wondering why exactly you should invest in ceiling fans, and why those fans should be Fanimation? Keep reading to find out now.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Fans are necessary, especially in hot climates. In places like the Southwest or Florida, fans need to be used year-round to stay comfortable.

Even in colder climates like the North, summers can be hot and humid. Many people opt for cheap box fans that they can move and plugin as they wish.

But these big fans are bulky. They take up space. And they often aren’t very effective at providing adequate airflow. Ceiling fans are much better at increasing airflow. 

With a ceiling fan turned on, you can feel the breeze in almost any part of the room, whether or not you are sitting directly under it.

They also do wonders at circulating air around the room and the home. This prevents air from smelling stagnant, as air is moving and being recycled.

Plus, they keep rooms more comfortable. When it’s hot, fans blow cold air down on top of you, making the room more comfortable. When it’s cold, you can often reverse your fan’s rotation direction so that it pulls cold air back up. The result is that the rising cold air will push the hot air, which is often stuck near the ceiling, down towards you.

And the best part is, ceiling fans increase energy efficiency in your home. They will help you save money, particularly on your air conditioning bill.

Ceiling fans can also provide a focal point for a room. Instead of a room with a big, bland ceiling, a ceiling fan provides depth and beauty, especially if it’s a high-quality fan. 

What Are Fanimation Ceiling Fans?

So you know you need a ceiling fan, or two, or three. But why should you consider Fanimation fans?

Fanimation outdoor fans, as well as indoor fans, are the most beautiful and functional fans you invest in. Not only will they provide you with the practical benefits listed above, keeping you and your home more comfortable, but they will add charm and elegance to your home.

Fanimation fans are beautiful and modern and will look amazing in any room, or in the backyard over your favorite outdoor space. You can even get a Fanimation caged ceiling fan for a unique look that will wow guests.

Most people buy ceiling fans and never think about them again since they are boring and bland. But when you invest in Fanimation fans, you’ll be excited to show them off to each and every visitor. You’ll have plenty of people asking where you got it.

Plus, with such a high-quality fan, you may even increase the value of your home. If you go to sell the house, prospective homebuyers will be drawn to your beautiful fans and you may sell faster than if you just had a boring, cheap ceiling fan. 

Many Fanimation fans are also smart fans. That is, they can sync with either a Fanimation fan remote control or an app on your smartphone. How often are you falling asleep on the couch, wishing that the fan was on?

Instead of getting up to find the remote, just open the app on your phone, which is always right next to you. 

Types of Fanimation Ceiling Fans to Buy

There are plenty of different options when it comes to Fanimation ceiling fans. You’ll be able to find any size and style you can dream of. Here are some of the most common. 

Two Blade Fans

Fanimation has models, such as the TwoFold, with only two blades. These can be installed either indoors or outdoors. With long blades, these fans can push a lot of air for the little electricity that they use.

Multi-Blade Fans

Looking for even more airflow? Multi-blades funs, such as those with eight or more blades, are beautiful and powerful. The Kindred fan has 12 large blades that can pump a lot of air.

These are perfect for large spaces, such as a living room inside an open floor plan home. They work great as a focal point in your home as the fan draws attention and wows guests. 


Fandeliers are some of the most unique fans offered by Fanimation. They are essentially high-end chandeliers with fan blades in the middle.

In fact, upon first glance, you wouldn’t even notice there is a fan inside. They are the ultimate lighting option for any room looking for elegance and class.

These would be perfect installed in a dining room or a living room where aesthetics are important. But they also provide the comfort of a fan while lighting up a room with multiple light bulbs. 

You might expect to see these installed in five-star restaurants or mansions. But they are accessible to any homeowner looking to upgrade their home.

You can find all different types of Fanimation ceiling fans at Modernfanoutlet.com. Most fans ship fast and free, and the buying experience is pleasant. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with questions or advice on purchasing the perfect ceiling fan.

Relax in Style

Now that you know why ceiling fans are a must, and why Fanimation ceiling fans are the perfect option, it’s time to find the perfect model for you. With many different options to choose from, you’ll have no shortage of options for a custom look in your home.

And the sooner you order yours, the sooner you’ll be able to relax in style in your own home.

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By Hemant Kumar

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