If your organization has difficulty in managing Android devices, is tired of dealing with Google accounts and is looking for a better tool for corporate-owned devices for its employees, then you could consider Android Enterprise. A Google-led initiative, Android Enterprise is devised to provide applications working on Android phones for an enterprise’s work. Android EMM Solutions is a program that helps APIs and other tools to integrate support for Android into Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. It helps to manage corporate-owned and employee-owned Android devices for work. This is done by configuring business applications and content, restricting unauthorized access and improving the performance of such Android devices for business with the help of Android MDM. EMM is a set of tools and techniques used by companies for securing corporate data on corporate-owned and personal devices. It enables IT administrators and IT teams to protect sensitive data on devices.

Why incorporate Android EMM Solutions

The changing working lifestyle and growth in the digital space have brought many reasons for use of Android EMM solutions. Some of them have been explained as under:

1.    Employees can use their own devices

Employees can use their devices for both personal and office work without any data sharing between the two. Also, switching from personal to work app is as easy as a swipe.

2.    Control over browsing

In this, your Android devices get controlled by corporate policies. This leads to surfing of specific contents as authorized by the company, the rest gets blocked. Employees can keep their personal data and apps separate from the workspace by enabling Android for the workplace.

3.    Workspace is password protected

Every work-related app is secured by a password for the topmost security concern.

4.    Restricting screenshot

Android devices can take screenshots of work apps thus protecting the corporate information from being circulated by unethical means.

5.    Location Tracking

Your location is being closely monitored for security concerns.

6.    Corporate Document Control

It is at the discretion of the corporates to choose if personal apps can have access to corporate data.

7.    No harm to personal data

Despite broad corporate data on your Android devices, personal data remains unaffected by such a system.

8.    Managed Configurations

IT professionals can modify your apps and customize them for work purposes.

9.    Dedicated devices

You can optimize your applications so that they can be deployed on Android devices as a kiosk.


With the increase in the use of smartphones, Android MDM has now evolved into EMM solutions. The increasing trend of Bring your own device for corporate use has led to the evolution of EMM from MDM. Android EMM solutions allow IT administrators and technicians to remotely manage Android devices. Your device can be used for personal use and corporate use as well. Since a high amount of risk is involved, your Android device has corporate policies set on it, for security reasons. Few restrictions involve no screenshot of work-related applications, location tracking and also the performance of devices.  


By Hemant Kumar

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