4 Interesting Plastic Surgery Procedures You Didn’t Know Before

Cosmetic surgery is wildly popular in the United States. In fact, every year providers do more than 15 million surgeries every year. Most of these are the well-known nose jobs, breast augmentations, and the like. 

However, there are some interesting non-traditional procedures that will surprise you. From genital reconstructive surgeries to creating cherub-like dimples, you’re sure to learn something new. 

Interested in knowing more? Check out these four uncommon and surprising plastic surgery procedures.

1. Labial Reduction/Enlargement

Otherwise known as the ‘designer vagina’ labiaplasty is plastic surgery for women. This is a mostly cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing or increasing the size of the labia minora—the inner skin folds of the vagina. 

The aim is to improve the appearance of the labia but is also used in gender-affirming surgery. During this surgery, tissue is either removed from the labia for reduction purposes, or filler material is injected to enlarge it. 

Labiaplasty is a straightforward surgery and it only takes around 6 weeks for patients to recover. 

2. Limb Lengthening 

Feeling insecure about your height? Head over to India where limb lengthening surgical procedures are on the rise. This cosmetic surgery can add up to 3 inches to a person’s height. 

The surgery is adapted from methods used to aid children with stunted growth—and it’s very painful. Pins are used to encourage the growth of a broken bone (yes, the bone must be broken). 

If this doesn’t heal properly it can lead to amputation. So, perhaps it’s better to get comfortable with your height as it is. 

3. Belly Button Surgery 

You’ve heard the classifications of ‘outie’ and ‘innie’ belly buttons—likely on the playground at school. Well, there is a surgical procedure that can turn outie belly buttons into the allegedly more attractive innies. 

The slightly protruded belly button referred to as an ‘outie’ are small umbilical hernias. A plastic surgeon repairs this with an umbilicoplasty and voila—innie belly button! 

4. Dimple Creation

Oh, how cute and attractive dimples are! So much so that if you weren’t born with them there are plastic surgeons who can create them. Just like a real dimple, the man-made dimple will only appear when smiling which is as authentic as it gets. 

How are these man-made dimples made? It’s a pretty simple procedure that includes making a small cut on the inside of the mouth and placing a suture between the muscle and skin of the cheek. 

Tip of the Iceberg of Uncommon Plastic Surgery Procedures

Have you heard of any of these non-traditional plastic surgery procedures? There sure are some interesting ones. You may be surprised to know that these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you can imagine it then there’s likely a cosmetic surgery to make it a reality. For example, have you heard about ptosis surgery? This is where a doctor fixes droopy eyelids and makes your eyes look more open and big. 

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