4 Times Computers Save the Day

Computers have become a staple item of everyday life for many of us. Apart from running the things we rely on every day – cars, central heating systems, phones – they are a ubiquitous item in the home of nearly everyone. It would be hard to come by a house without at least one computer, and many have at least two per person!

It’s easy to forget all the amazing things computers can do for us when we’re working on them all day or shoving them onto the counter at the end of the night alongside our collections of papers and other odds and ends.

However, computers are pretty amazing in what they can do. Here are three times in life when computers totally save the day.

1. When you need a last-minute costume

Life is full of plenty of weird and sometimes unexpected occasions to dress up in a costume. That said, what happens when you get a last-minute invite to one such event and you don’t have a costume ready to throw on?

Or, worse yet, what about when you forgot you were meant to be attending that 70s-themed 30th birthday party and you have absolutely no bell-bottoms to wear? That’s where the computer comes in handy: you can use it to order something that will arrive just in time to dress up for your party.

2. When you need to track your take-out

We’ve all been there: you order some food, and it feels like it’s taking ages. In the olden days, you’d have to just pray to the Gods of restaurants that it would show up eventually. However, these days ,you don’t have to be living on a prayer to get your food delivery.

You can order and, more importantly, track the food you’ve picked online as it is prepared, checked, and sent out for delivery. You don’t even have to be tethered to one room while you do this! Lenovo laptops allow you to move around while you watch your food move through the city.

3. When you need to find your phone

Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen. These days, a phone is like a second brain that sits in your hand and, as a bonus, allows you to look at gifs of toddlers falling over all day. When it goes missing – particularly when you need it to get in touch with someone or to get you somewhere – it is a total disaster.

Fortunately, your computer is the key to finding your phone. Most computers come with phone tracking software that links up with your phone in the cloud, but even if it isn’t pre-installed, you can download software from the internet that will do it for you.

4. When you are bored  

The time the computer really saves the day? When you’re bored. There are now countless places on your computer to find entertainment, whether through gaming, streaming, or any other manner of creative pursuits.