5 Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

5 Best Places to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Nowadays, lab-grown diamonds are a much smarter choice as compared to original diamonds. They’re purer, cheaper, and far more eco-friendly!

It’s true that they are not original and a synthetically created beauty. But why mind that when it saves you from breaking your bank and wrecking Mother Earth for your own joy?

Lab-grown diamonds have birthed a win-win situation in the glam world. You can now buy the finest diamonds for your wedding rings without furrowing a brow.

On that note, below we’ve listed the top 5 places to buy lab-grown diamonds. Whether you seek a breathtakingly beautiful diamond for your engagement ring or your wedding ring, the brands listed below will find you your perfect match. Let’s check them out!

Clean Origin 

Clean Origin is a relatively new online diamond retailer compared to other brands. It began operating in 2017. Despite being new in the industry, the brand has won the hearts of many. It prides itself in selling top-notch quality lab-grown diamonds at the cheapest costs!

Plus, the brand offers fantastic customer care. By far, it is the only retailer who is generous enough to promise a 100-day free return. If you’ve ordered a ring, you can even get it resized within the first 100 days of purchase (free of cost!).

Since they’re offering quality, they also offer a lifetime manufacturing warranty. And you need not keep yourself guessing about the quality and reliability. They offer a free 45-minute virtual appointment, and their diamonds are certified by IGI and GCAL. You can read more about the designs offered by the brand in this detailed Clean Origin review.

James Allen

James Allen is a luxury diamond brand. It’s been around creating and offering diamond wonders since 2006. Currently, the brand is best known for providing one of the widest inventories of lab-grown diamonds. You can find a collection of approximately 35000 loose lab diamonds and over 1000 fancy colored lab diamonds.

Unlike Clean Origin, James Allen doesn’t only manufacture lab-grown diamonds. The brand also offers earth-created diamond products, including rings, earrings, and jewelry of sorts. Also, it was more expensive. 1.5 carat of a round lab diamond with an ideal cut will cost you $3200, while Clean Origin charges only $2400.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a manufacturer of lab-grown diamonds that advocates its cause and purpose in all domains. So far, it is the only diamond brand that uses ethical stones along with recycled metal bands. Even the ring boxes are acquired from responsibly sourced natural wood! As a leading business in the industry, it advocates for giving back to the mining communities and rainforest conservation.

Moreover, it beats James Allen in terms of diamond inventories. You can browse through a collection of 75000 lab-grown diamonds. They offer decent customer service too. You can avail of a 30-day free return and 60-days resizing.

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile is a rising name in the diamond industry. This dedicated company works in collaboration with Lightbox and produces some affordable and unique loose diamonds, particularly for engagement rings. Perhaps, the biggest benefit of purchasing from this brand is the fact that all of its diamonds are consistently priced. You can get all of them at $800 per carat. Although that incites some questions about the attention they pay to quality, it also promises a safe room to shop for those on a budget.


Ritani has been operating since 1999. Needless to say, the company holds incredible experience in the diamond industry. It began manufacturing lab-created diamonds way earlier than most brands, and currently, it offers a collection of 25000 diamonds.

One of the most appreciable benefits of shopping with Ritani is the fact that you can check out your ring for real before paying for it. They’ll ship the prepared ring to you at the nearest diamond retailer in your area. And you can go check out the ring. Their customer service is fantastic. However, they are a bit pricier than the rest. You get limited options to choose from in terms of settings.

Final Thoughts

Before you settle for a brand, ensure that it operates in your local area. If you’re opting for virtual shopping thoroughly, check out the shopping options for sure. The more transparent the process, the better!