5 Comfort Scents That Will Make Your Home Smell Great

Are you astonished that humans have the ability to detect over a trillion smells? When you think about animals that have even stronger noses like dogs, it’s wild to imagine what the world would smell like.

There’s no denying that scents have a big impact on our mood. While you may not be able to avoid stinky dumpsters, you do have control over how your home smells.

Would you love to enjoy comfort scents without having to bake cookies every day? Read on so you can learn about five soothing smells you should try.

1. Cinnamon

When it comes to comfort smells, cinnamon often tops the charts since it’s associated with delicious and warming treats. From cinnamon buns to snickerdoodles, this humble spice is powerful enough to transform your entire home’s ambiance.

Although cinnamon is amazing to use throughout the year, many people enjoy loading up on it during the fall and winter when the weather is chilly.

2. Lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular calming scents because people swear by it to get sleepy. This pretty purple plant is great to circulate throughout your home with an AromaTech HVAC after you get home from a stressful day.

Whether you have a taxing job or you have a hard time getting sleepy in the evening, lavender is the perfect choice to unwind and get in a positive mood.

3. Lemon

Citrus fruits are always refreshing and they make everything feel clean. If this zestiness helps give you peace, then using lemon essential oil will make your home feel like your safe space.

Every time you walk through the door, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and get settled.

4. Pine

When you rack your brain for scents that are comforting, pine might be something that slips your mind. Although you may associate this smell with Christmas, it could help you feel calm and connected to nature.

Pine is a wonderful option for people who prefer earthier smells over sweet scents.

5. Geranium

Would you like to find a unique floral scent for your home? If so, you should sample some geranium to see how you like it.

Geranium is similar to rose, but many fans prefer it because it’s less overpowering. You can give your home a soft, green scent that alleviates all of your tension.

You’ll Fall in Love With These Comfort Scents

Using the best comfort scents in your home is an amazing way to improve your mental health and get the most out of your living space. Since people have been spending more time indoors than ever before, you owe it to yourself to invest in your home with these soothing scents.

From getting your chores done faster to leveling up your decor and learning new recipes, there’s always more to do to make your home incredible. Could you use some more advice to be the savviest homeowner possible? Spend some time scoping out the rest of our blog to become an expert.