5 Movies Based On Your Favorite Aesthetic

If you are watching movies, then why are you watching them?

Some watch it for the plotline, while other cinephiles watch it for the actors or the chromatography.

What is a movie aesthetic?

It is the overall look and theme of the movie which reminds people of a certain aesthetic.

What is an aesthetic, you ask?

When a certain set of color palettes, place, scenery, and time period are packed together beautifully, they become an aesthetic.

In this excerpt below, we will be bringing you some of the best movies which fall under different aesthetics and are fan favorites right now.

Plus, they all come under the theme of ‘feeling good.’

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Movies Based On Your Favorite Aesthetic

Now, we will be discussing the movies and the aesthetic a little.

1. CottageCore – Pride & Prejudice

It is all about countryside houses, corsets, regency dresses, and baking cakes.

This aesthetic defines wildflowers wrapped in a bow, and what better movie to watch and reminisce about in the world of cottagecore than Pride & Prejudice.

This 2005 Jane Austin adaptation has all the core elements of the cottage core aesthetic and even a romance blooming among all the flowery representations we get to see in the movie.


The cinematic shots of the Regency countryside are to die for.

2. Dark Academia – Sherlock Holmes

Dark academia is represented with dark colors, libraries, and round glasses!

Students dressed in Oxfords, going to the boarding school!


A lively discussion on intellect!

It is all academic and knowledge. So, there is no better movie than Sherlock Holmes. The king of deduction and intellect, plus it has a dark theme.

Yes, you can put on any Holmes movie!

3. Everything Art – La La Land

Art has a very vibrant color palette!

They are filled with faded pastels or mesmerizing darks!

If you really want to know a good art movie, just pick anything with a cinematic masterpiece.


We have done that exactly by picking the best musical masterpiece of the decade La La Land.

4. Shabby Chic – Mamma Mia

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about shabby chic is, of course, messy beachy waves, sundresses, and beach hats.

Slightly worn-out beach cottages could also be on the list!

This is why our favorite pick for this aesthetic is Mamma Mia. What better cinematic scenery to explore for that beachy vibe other than beautiful Greece.

5. Y2K – 13 Going On 30

This is a very new aesthetic in the town known as Yearly 2000.

However, it mostly focuses on the early 2000, which is from 2000 to 2010.

13 Going On 30 has all these elements, with a slight blend of the 80s from time to time. It is the 2000 New York aesthetic, the dresses and the flip phones which-

Let’s face it!

We all want it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Movies and aesthetics do go hand in hand, and when we are feeling a certain mood, we might want to watch something which will cater to it.

Other than these five aesthetics that we have mentioned above, there are a few more that Instagram and Tiktok have given us.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions which we have gathered from Reddit and answered.

Just for the fun of it!

1. What Movies Do Have The Best Scenery

Ans. When we are talking about scenery, we are not just talking about the outdoors but some of the cinematic views of the indoors as well.

If you’re experimenting with aesthetics and want to know some of the best sceneries which will easily improve your cinematic experience, then here is your list.

– Midnight In Paris (2011)

– The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

– The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

– The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)

– Roma (2018)

2. What Are Some Of The Most Visually Stunning Movies

Ans. As we have mentioned before, there are different reasons for which someone would watch a movie.

There are a few movies that will always be enlisted for giving viewers the best cinematic experience, and here are a few of them.

– Life of Pi

– La La Land

– Avatar

– Interstellar

– The Grand Budapest Hotel

Aesthetic – Visual & Art!

When we talk about aesthetics, we hardly mention the elements. Most of the time, we talk about the visual representation of it.

Thus, you should know that an aesthetic also means the plotline and the soundtracks. If you have a comforting aesthetic, any element in the movies can remind you of it.