5 Things to Consider When Building a Carport at Home

There are around 276 million vehicles registered in the U.S, which means we must make room for our cars. 

Carports are an effective way of protecting your vehicle while adding value to your home. But, like with any building plan, there are important considerations to take. Perhaps you’re currently in this situation and you’re looking for advice on the topic.  

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here’s everything to consider when building a carport.  

1. Carport Location

Aside from figuring out the cost to build a carport, homeowners should decide on the location. First, find out where your utility lines are so you don’t dig them up during construction. You also want somewhere that’s accessible like your entryway or behind your home. 

2. Your Needs 

Before learning how to build a carport, outline your needs. As a general rule, most carpets are nine by 16 feet but if you need anything larger, factor that in. Further, you must build a carport for the number of vehicles you currently have and the amount you’ll have in the future.   

Further, take the time and browse the styles available. Find one that aligns with your property’s current design and focus on the finer details that boost your carport’s aesthetic

3. Permits Required 

Once you know how to build a freestanding carport, check what permits are required. It’s important to outline what zoning codes are in place before you start the home improvement process. At the very least, check with your local municipality and they will tell you everything you need to know.         

4. Materials

Carports are often made from wood, metal, or a combination of the two. Metal buildings offer the most stability for vehicles, which is key if you live in a storm-prone area that’s susceptible to flooding. When building a metal carport, consider aluminum because it’s heavier than steel and well-priced.    

Further, make sure you can access the tools for the project. If you don’t have the current funds, ask loved ones whether they have the equipment or consider hiring it from professionals instead.  

At the minimum, you’ll need a measuring tape, a shovel, and a hand saw. It’s also wise to get a string line, G-clamps, and an adjustable wrench to make the process easier. 

5. Labor Required 

If you’re not confident tackling the project alone, hire professionals to do the heavy lifting. They will have the required expertise and equipment to bring your carport to life. You should also ask the professionals for guidance throughout the process as they could make recommendations you may have overlooked.   

Our Tips for Building a Carport

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re confident about building a carport. 

There are many considerations to take on board such as factoring in the carport’s location and your needs. You should also factor in the tools and labor required so there aren’t any nasty surprises later on. Good luck with your venture! 

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