5 Tips for Making Your Sports Memorabilia Collection Display a Home Run

People all across the world have collections to bring the things they love and enjoy all around them (and a variety of other reasons too!). They fill bookshelves, walls, and even entire rooms but not all displays are created equally. 

In order to really be able to appreciate any kind of collection, it needs to be displayed in a way that’s both appealing to the eye and functional for viewing. This balance can be tricky to find, especially when working with a sports memorabilia collection with a range of items. 

With a little bit of effort, these displays can be the highlight of your home and a place every guest wants to visit. Here are our top five tips for creating the best sports memorabilia collection display. 

1. Preserve as Much as Possible 

Sometimes you’ll get a piece of signed sports memorabilia or other collection item and be tempted to clean it off and make it look brand new. Don’t do this!

In so many cases, the authenticity and age of an item bring it to life and makes it so much more interesting. 

2. Mix Up the Types 

While some collectors enjoy focusing on one specific type of item, a helpful hint for how to collect sports memorabilia is to look for multiple types of items. This keeps the collection fresh and makes your display interesting from the start. 

3. Make a Focal Point 

It’s true that every piece of a collection can be special but it’s also a good idea to create a focal point for your display. This gives the onlooker a clear place to start as they take in the display. 

Often, signed memorabilia is that focal point because it has more personality and meaning than other types. 

4. Add Display Lights

An easy way to elevate your display and make the whole collection feel more special is to add some display lights. 

These can be spotlights, picture lights, or just some added ambient lighting. But they each add a little bit of something extra that draws the eye and shows how important these things are. 

5. Keep it Together 

The top thing you can’t forget is to keep your collection all in one place. When you spread it out too thin all across different areas of your home, the impact is lost. What makes a collection impressive is seeing it all together and comparing the similarities and differences between the pieces. 

Tips for Displaying a Sports Memorabilia Collection 

It takes a lot of time and energy (not to mention money!) to create a hearty sports memorabilia collection. You don’t want all of that handwork to end up in boxes in your garage!

Channeling some of that energy into creating an exciting display can make your collection shine even brighter. The pieces you love the most will be easily visible for you and your guests to enjoy all the time. And this type of display can be a launching point for the design of the rest of the room as well, making it a smart and creative place to be.

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