<strong>5 Tips to Elevate Your Magnetic Boxes from Good to Great</strong>

The stiff packaging of a box that is used for high-quality products is referred to as a magnetic box. The framework of a magnetic box generally consists of two parts: the inner layer and the outer layer. The inner layer of a magnetic box is made of cardboard or chipboard that gives support to the box.

The outer layer of a magnetic box is uncoated or coated paper, ivory, or simply art paper. This layer of paper is used to print logos and texts. The quality of magnetic boxes is assessed through the following:

  • Tendency to contain and protect the product inside.
  • Charming design outside the box.
  • An elegant way of opening and closing the box. 

Printed magnetic boxes are usually used at special events like the Mid-Autumn festival, grand opening anniversary etc. for packing gifts, as well as used as packing boxes for high-quality and expensive products like cosmetics, watches, telephones, and jewellery etc., or those products which need to be kept separated and organised.

Some of the magnetic boxes are simple and plain that do not look attractive and elegant as compared to other magnetic boxes. Other magnetic boxes have many interesting features that look creative, just like the hinges, dividers and extra space etc. The more features a magnetic box has, the more attractive and expansive it is. 

Yeah, it’s true that having more features will make your magnetic box expensive, but on the other hand, your box will also look attractive, creative, and elegant. As well as, profit and sales will also be increased by using such magnetic boxes. Your magnetic box must be unique, elegant, and attractive, so it will be easy for customers to choose your product. So, here are some tips that will elevate your magnetic box from good to great:

1. Managing the Quality:

Sometimes, the thing we see at first sight gets caught in our eyes. We do not even think about its quality or how it is made as we just get attracted to its attractiveness. But in the case of selecting the magnetic box for your brand, you should be meticulous about what you are choosing, what is the quality of the box, and you also have to think about what your customers want in your box or what will make your magnetic box attractive in customer’s eye.

The main problem while manufacturing the magnetic boxes is that it is not properly sealed. So, before placing an order, make sure that the box is sealed perfectly because the boxes that are not properly sealed have the capability to hold up over time. This will make your customer disappointed.

2. Kind of Magnets Used:

<strong>5 Tips to Elevate Your Magnetic Boxes from Good to Great</strong>

There are many types of magnets available in the market, so you should be careful about choosing the magnet for your magnetic boxes. In case of selecting the wrong and low-quality magnet, your magnetic box will be ruined after some time because it will not have the capability to be used for a long time.

Furthermore, the magnets are available in almost every shape and size. Each shape has its own abilities like round-shaped magnets have the ability to hold stronger. But sometimes, the round-shaped magnets do not show their ability to hold lids together. 

Rectangular-shaped magnets do not have as much ability to hold the lids of the box together as those of round-shaped magnets. So, it is not a good idea to use rectangular-shaped magnets for manufacturing wholesale custom-printed cardboard boxes because they cannot hold the lids close together. 

3. Quality of The Material of The Box:

As we have discussed the quality of magnets, so now move on to the quality of the box material. While choosing material for your box, make sure that what you are choosing is safe for your customer as well as for the environment. Choosing eco-friendly materials is always a good idea for designing a box.

At this time, everyone is concerned about their health and is trying to choose the safest product. In this case, to increase customers’ loyalty to your brand, you should choose the most comfortable and safe material for your boxes. 

For this purpose, you can choose eco-friendly material as it will not have any effect on people as well as on the environment. So, the customer will be satisfied with your brand and products and will try to buy more things from you. It will also help to increase your sales.

4. Printing Vs. Engraving:

<strong>5 Tips to Elevate Your Magnetic Boxes from Good to Great</strong>

You will have another choice whether you want your boxes to be engraved or printed. Both of them are good options as they both have their own qualities of attractiveness. But engraving is a better choice as small details can be made visible on the box. If you have chosen to print, be careful about the colour and its contrast with the logo.

5. Completion of The Lid:

You need to think about the top of your magnetic box, whether you like metallic finishing or something with more colours. Metallic finishing is a good idea for the top of your magnetic boxes. Gold lids can give you a luxurious feel, and in contrast, silver looks more modern.