5 Top Benefits of Massage for Your Mind, Body & Soul

After the turbulence and multiple stresses of the last couple of years,, in part due to the coronavirus pandemic, people across the length and breadth of the country and beyond are now realizing the importance of looking after not only their physical wellbeing, but their emotional health and wellbeing as well. 

So, that said, here are the top five benefits of one of the most relaxing and effective treatments of them all, body massage. 

  1. Pain Management for Fibromyalgia 

If you are fortunate enough not to be living with fibromyalgia, then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you do, or someone you know has fibromyalgia, massage can be a useful way to manage your pain.

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that can hugely benefit from a professional massage and booking in with a professional Hertfordshire massage therapist will not only help manage the pain in your limbs, but also calm and relax your mind.

  1. Relief From Constipation

Whether you only suffer from constipation rarely and indeed sporadically, or else either due to another medical condition, or just because that’s the way your stomach seems to work, booking a professional massage can provide real relief from constipation. 

Especially if you are living with post-surgery constipation, a stomach and chest massage can encourage the digestive system to get moving and relieve you from such issues. 

  1. An Increased Level of Intimacy Between Couples

Another incredible benefit of regular massages and indeed massage therapy is an increased level of overall intimacy between you and your partner.

Not only will you benefit from valuable and science-based methods used to massage your own body, but if you are an eager client, you’ll also pick up tips and techniques that you can use to massage your partner. In a relationship, if physical touch is lacking, this can often be the reason for a severe reduction in the level of intimacy between you, and so massage can often make a real difference if you and your partner are in that situation. 

  1. Sore & Strained Muscles

One of the more widely known benefits of massage and massage therapy is that the applied pressure on certain areas of your neck, shoulders, arms, and legs can relieve pain and irritation caused by strained, sore, and/or inflamed muscles.

Essentially, massage helps sore muscles to feel less tight because the pressure increases and encourages blood flow to the affected areas.

  1. Relief from Tension Headaches

Finally, but perhaps relevant to the greatest number of people, proper and professional massage therapy and techniques can make a dramatic difference to people who suffer from painful, tension-related headaches.

Tension headaches, also referred to as concentration headaches, essentially feel as if a tight, thick, elastic band is attached to the front of your head and wrapping itself around to the back, and a thorough head massage can make the band feel as if it is loosening. If you are someone who seems to experience regular tension headaches, it may well be worth making an appointment with your doctor just to check there isn’t an underlying issue.