7 Jobs You Can Get Without a College Degree

Because of the huge time and financial commitment, college is not for everybody. While many jobs in today’s market require a four-year college degree for application, there are still a number of viable career choices available that do not necessitate a college diploma. This type of career often places an emphasis on physical work rather than a formal education. These jobs also have the benefit of teaching you skills as you work that you can apply to your daily life outside at home. Some of the following jobs may require specific training and a license before one can begin, while others may allow you to start immediately. Read on for seven jobs that you can pursue without needing a university degree.

1. Home Inspector

Those who undergo the proper training and achieve a home inspector license can make a good career of inspecting houses for real estate approval. A home inspector is a job that is both important and in demand, which can make for a good career goal to work toward for those who are able to put in the time and effort for approval. While the process may seem daunting at first, organizations such as AHIT can help you every step of the way toward achieving the license and getting started on this fulfilling career choice.

2. Data Entry

A job as a data entry clerk may be the right choice for individuals with computer skills. A data entry job typically involves inputting information for a company to use for its database. If you are skilled in processing information and transcribing it via typing, this could be the pick for you. Similar jobs with a focus on recording information include work as a transcriber, which can also be done without any formal education required.

3. Personal Care Aide

A job for compassionate individuals, a personal care aide works in the healthcare industry. The profession involves caring for individuals who cannot function on their own either due to physical or mental disability. An aide can work in the patient’s home or in a larger care facility, among other environments. This is a great line of work for people who want to help others who need assistance in life.

4. Electrician

As modern society is dependent on electricity in virtually every aspect of life, electricians are essential. This job requires workers to install and repair electrical devices in a number of different locations. Knowing how to install and repair electrical devices doubles as a crucial skill to have in one’s personal life.

5. Delivery Truck Driver

With the prevalence of online shopping, package delivery is now more common than ever. If you have experience both in driving trucks and in lifting heavy objects, this may be a line of work worth looking into.

6. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are important to every flight for a number of reasons. They not only provide services to the passengers, they can also be crucial to ensuring every flight is safe. Flight attendants are trained to be prepared for every possible outcome and to answer any questions and concerns that passengers may have. This is a job for compassionate individuals who are looking to help others.

7. Repair Worker

Appliances of all types have a tendency to need repairs. Maintenance workers are crucial to keeping people’s home lives both convenient and safe. Repair work encompasses not just appliances, but any type of household object that needs to be fixed, from the mundane to the critical. When you are trained to repair household fixtures, you have the added benefit of bringing this knowledge home with you for anytime your own house has troubles that need to be fixed.

Many essential services do not require a college degree. If you find that you do not have the time or money for attending college, take a look at some of these types of offerings in your area for a field that is right for you.