9 Awesome Benefits Of Wearing 2/4 Sleeve Shirts

If you are looking for options incustom clothesthen you have a complete world of choices. From full sleeves to a custom ¾ sleeve shirt which can be worn for offices and on party occasions too. People often choose either a full sleeve shirt or a half sleeve because of an ancient mentality according to which, these two offer the maximum comfort. But the time has changed now and people love having options. And do you think, all those other options won’t be comfortable?

Although there are different benefits of wearing different types of shirts, we can’t neglect the fact that having a ¾ shirt is going to be an addition to your wardrobe. Moreover, there are many different benefits of wearing these shirts. Yes, several benefits apart from looking smart. So, here are some best advantages of wearing ¾ sleeve shirts.

  1. It looks fashionable

If you are one of those who wish to stay up-to-date with all the upcoming trends, then you must have this. Having such a shirt in your wardrobe is going to not only increase the options in style but also give you a chance to boast about your trendy fashion sense in front of your friends and colleagues. These shirts being so fashionable are surely going to fetch a lot of eyes for you, and attention too.

  1. Protects from UV radiation

A lot of people do not consider protecting their skin from harmful UV rays. But wait a minute, if you have a ¾ sleeve shirt in your wardrobe, you get to protect your skin without spoiling your fashion. These shirts will prevent your arms from the rays and will keep your skin in better condition. In fact, the technology has helped manufacturers in making a product that actually prevents your skin. There are clothes made of UPF fabric. This means they have an Ultraviolet Protection Factor on the outer lining so that your skin gets an added layer of protection.

  1. Retention of moisture

Whenever you sweat, your body loses a lot of water and that’s one process none can stop. Because this helps in keeping your body cooler. But when you prefer wearing short sleeve shirts, this moisture quickly evaporates and your body has to make more sweat. But when you wear long sleeve shirts, moisture retention happens to be a quicker process and something that will keep your body cooler. If you see this from a different angle, the long sleeve shirts also help in keeping your body hydrated because you do not sweat much. Did you think there is going to be a medical angle to this story?

  1. Protection from other harmful particles too

Now, not everyone has a life where they get to sit in a cubical or an office all day long and work in a conditioned environment. There are a lot of people who have a rough nature of work. Some have to work under conditions that create problems for their skin. You might be exposed to dust, dirt, and a lot of other debris that could harm your skin. Keeping this in mind, your long sleeve shirts are going to be a lot better than others.

  1. Multiple options

Ladies are always in pursuit of having multiple options be it in simple clothes or custom clothes. When you pick a ¾ sleeve shirt as your option, you also unlock your chance to choose from multiple options. From funky new styles to elegant retro shirts; there are several options that can be chosen. Manufacturers have been trying to create a complete persona of such shirts and yes, to a lot of extents they have become successful.

  1. It is practically helpful in many professions

If you are a working lady who cooks, cleans, washes and does similar other works, then having a ¾ sleeve shirt is going to be a practical option for you. Not only will you be able to do these things quickly but conveniently too. This is a practical length for doing all this stuff.

  1. It looks versatile too

Did you know, wearing a ¾ shirt is too versatile and a matter of fact that you can simply pair it up with a lot of options? Be capris, pants, jeans, or even a skirt. All of these dresses look complete and you can do that with a single shirt. Moreover, these shirts are a perfect match for your night or day parties, events, or office. If you want to make it a bit funkier you can go for a custom shirt. Though there are already a lot of options available in the market, if you want to make something for yourself, you can. There are multiple websites that offer services of t-shirt printing online. Look for one that has better reviews and try them once.

  1. There is no age or season barrier

One of the best things about having a ¾ shirt is that you do not have to worry about the weather and age is obviously not a barrier. People from a young age to old can opt for wearing this attire and it can be worn all year long. These comfortable shirts can be worn under a cardigan or a jacket. They effortlessly match with multiple attire and you do not have to worry about creating a mess of your wardrobe.

  1. It is way to go

This might sound like a cliche but yes, an advantage is an advantage. Having a ¾ sleeve shirt in the closet will give you an edge over others. Not because they are too classy but because they can be paired with any type of clothes. Even if you prefer todesign clothesall by yourself, these shirts will go just fine with them too.


Apart from being stylish, having simple or custom 3/4 sleeve shirts is going to show your sense of fashion. It also offers so many advantages and there are many more that did not get a chance to be mentioned here. So, if you are up for fashionable picks, then this is an option that needs a chance. Make sure to at least try this once.