A Look At How Trails Carolina Helps Heal Parent-Teen Relationships

Trails Carolina Helps Heal Parent-Teen Relationships.

Personal growth and positive evolution go a long way in helping most people lead healthy, complete, and fulfilling lives. Admittedly, most people scarcely get to that place without some assistance. 

For adults, the right kind of therapy is usually instrumental in this journey toward wholeness and fulfillment. Notably, the same is valid for adolescents. Helping adolescents navigate the transition to adulthood is where Trails Carolina will prove particularly useful. 

Introducing Trails Carolina, Its Philosophy, and Approach

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Offers Programs That Help Fight Mental Illness.

Life-changing is one of the many adjectives used to describe the work done at Trails Carolina, and rightly so. 

Through the work of their family coaches, Trails Carolina ensures that families can rest easy knowing that the relationships between parents and teens can be rebuilt and restored. 

The organization’s work results include teens taught healthy habits and families taught how to help their teens. We take a closer look at the said work at Trails Carolina and its results below.

As intimated by the organization’s title, Trails Carolina uses nature to apply a therapy treatment known as wilderness therapy. 

By connecting with nature, students can delve into a wide range of teachable moments where they gain personal insights through addressing unhealthy behaviors they may have and gleaning essential life lessons. 

Critical to the effectiveness of the organization’s approach is the nature-based wildlife setting that students are able to enjoy. After all, the teenagers are in a setting that is far removed from the challenges, negative influences, and distractions from their daily lives. 

In this natural setting, students are under the careful guidance of a team of trained family coaches and caregivers. 

Of course, merely wanting to help families and teenagers and having a proven methodology that helps families and teenagers are two different things. Trails Carolina and the family coaches that work there ensure that both passion and reliable practice are present. 

In partnership with the Arkansas Institute of Developmental Science and the Center for Research, Assessment, and Treatment Efficacy (CReATE) in Asheville, NC, Trails Carolina has developed a complete program with research, clinical presentation, and ultimately positive therapeutic impact and outcomes. 

The Trails Carolina wilderness program is as effective as it is because it offers a unique combination of features. Said program highlights include the following:

  • Master’s-level family coaches
  • Customized/tailor-made treatment plans
  • Accredited academic content
  • Flexible program lengths 
  • Program continuity option to facilitate an easy transition from the wilderness experience back to home life
  • Both individual and group therapy options
  • Family assessment and weekly family treatment program
  • Education material for parents
  • Clothing, equipment, and other necessary gear for the students in the wilderness
  • Optional psychological testing and more

Yes, It Works: A Closer Look At Trails Carolina Wilderness Reviews and Results

Of course, success and consistent positive results are synonymous. This is no difference at Trails Carolina. Both testimonials and the recorded data support the organization’s claims when designing options to help each new family and batch of students. 

For example, anxiety and depression are common distressing symptoms that teenagers who participate in the program report as challenging in their life. Of course, this manifests in their school life and work through various forms of disruptive behavior. 

Unsurprisingly, symptoms of anxiety and depression must improve significantly and for an extended period for the Trails Carolina wilderness program to be deemed successful; of course, said results must also be repeatable across various program participants. 

The same would make the program both successful and sustainable. Thankfully, the Trails Carolina data supports the reality that the program is successful and sustainable. 

At the end of each program stage, students and parents alike report positive changes up to 12 months or more post-graduation.  

Trails Carolina uses a period of up to 12 months post-treatment; the data shows that 86% of students showed improvement in anxiety symptoms, and 93% of students showed improvement in depression symptoms. 

Get Started Today

Trails Carolina is for you if you or your loved ones have a teen or adolescent in your life that you feel would be served well through the Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program. 

There are various options to choose from to help teens get the help they deserve and the care that works. Your next step is to get the conversation started by reaching out to the Trails Carolina team using the quick contact email form on the official website or giving them a call. 

A competent and friendly family coach will be happy to walk you through any questions.