A Simple Guide on How to Move to Canada

In 2022, the government of Canada will aim to welcome 411,000 immigrants.

With some of the cleanest air and most beautiful nature in the world, Canada is an ideal place for workers and families alike. 

But figuring out how to move to Canada is another story. With all the immigration categories and paperwork, the overwhelm alone might stop you from reaching your goal.

Thankfully, the immigration process is much less overwhelming when you know what to expect.

So if you’re ready to take the mystery and stress out of the process, keep reading. Below is our simple guide on how to move to Canada.

1. Know The Cost of Living

The first step in planning a move is to make sure you can afford the cost of living. This will depend on the province and city you want to move to in Canada.

Your cost of living estimate should include:

  • Rent/mortgage
  • Food
  • Taxes
  • Bills like electricity
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare costs
  • Clothing

While Canadian healthcare is covered for residents of each province, you’ll still have to pay for other medical expenses. These include dentistry and physiotherapy. 

The most expensive cities in Canada are Vancouver and Toronto, so they’re not a great choice for families. Instead, look at cities like St. John’s in Newfoundland, which has affordable homes and friendly people.

2. Research Immigration Categories

Next, you want to determine if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada, and under what category.

This also depends on which country you’re immigrating from. 

The two most common ways of immigrating to Canada are economic immigration and family reunification. If you have family in Canada, they can sponsor you as long as they’re a citizen or permanent resident.

Most new Canadian residents come to the country as either skilled workers or investors.

Visas are given based on points. You need 67 points to get a visa to come to Canada. These points depend on your education, work training, your age, and other factors.

3. Find Housing

Once you know which city you’ll be moving to, it’s time to start looking for housing. If you’re looking for rentals, be sure to look on reputable websites.

If you’re drawn to more expensive Canadian cities like Vancouver, one option is to move to an affordable area nearby.

For example, many families buy homes on Vancouver Island. Cities on the island (like Nanaimo) have even more beautiful trails than the city does. Plus, they’re only a ferry ride away from downtown Vancouver.

So if you’re thinking of buying a house, contact an experienced real estate agent like Ron Neal to help you.

4. Now You Know How to Move to Canada

There are so many fun things to do in Canada, especially if you love the outdoors. Always keep this in mind as motivation every time the immigration process gets overwhelming.

With proper planning, you can make your dreams of living in Canada a reality. 

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