Advantages of Popular Portable Trade Show Displays

Arguably one of the most popular styles of trade show displays is the portable trade show display. With its ease in set up and a cheaper price tag, it is no wonder why so many trade show goers choose to go with this type of display for their booth to promote their brand. But price and ease are not the only things that a portable display has going for it. When it comes to design and features, portable displays have a lot to offer in many versatile ways than other pre-made or custom displays have. Outdoor displays, pop-up displays, hanging structure, table covers, and banner stands are just a few of the many extra assets that they have to offer to really help you to stand out at the next trade show. 

Outdoor and Pop-Up Displays

Along with the advantages that portable displays have to offer, they can also come with outdoor set ups and pop up displays. If you are needing your display to be outdoors, you can find convenient tents and displays to help endure the weather that will make sure you are seen no matter what the temperature. Tents and flags can be designed with your logo to have a classy and practical look while you are exhibiting outside. Pop up displays can be used for backdrops no matter where you are located and can add that extra appeal to your booth as you stand in front of it. These instant displays have a huge advantage in that they are easily set up and taken down and you can add lights and other fixtures to them to help them really stand out.

Hanging Structures and Table Covers

Something hanging from the roof or ceiling of any convention center is bound to catch the eyes of interested parties during an exhibit. Hanging structures provide a way to be easily spotted in a crowded area and can tastefully promote your booth and where you are located. They can come in all sizes and shapes depending on what your vision for your display is. The graphics on a hanging structure are sure to be hit as many people can see them across the building. Table covers, in a more subtle way, help to class up your display with your brand. Many booths will have table covers so it is important to have one and make sure it stands out. These are especially important if you have a lot that you display on your table, as people’s eyes will be drawn to it. These table covers can either be a solid color or have your logo or graphic printed on them for a little extra flare. 

Banner Stands

The most popular advantage of portable trade show displays are banner stands. Many people in the trade show world use banner stands because they are cheap and so versatile. They can fit almost any need and be customized with any graphic necessary. They are so easy to set up and can be quite large to attract clients when they see it. They do really well in storage and are able to be easily packed up and moved for the convenience of attending many trade shows. Banner stands are also a great choice because they can be used inside as well as outside. 

Take Advantage of These Assets 

These different products for booths and exhibits have come a long way. In order to stay seen and relevant, your display needs to be top notch. All of these assets can be taken advantage of as you find out exactly what you are looking for and what will be the most beneficial for you. Your marketing strategy can be greatly increased just by having an understanding of what exhibit products can do for you and how they can make you stand out. These tools are used to enhance your experience and showcase your business, and hopefully you are able to accomplish that and be successful.