Gloria Darlene Fox: All We Know About Megan Fox’s Mom

Gloria Darlene Fox and Megan Fox

Gloria Darlene Fox, also known as Megan Fox’s mother, is a celebrity and a businesswoman. She became prominent after Megan Fox’s success in the film industry. As many of us already know, she came into the spotlight after the successful performance of her daughter Megan in the Transformers movie series. However, she is not just a celebrity mother as many people think, but she has been a brilliant investor and business profile. She was born on July 14, 1952, and she is currently 69 years old. 

What’s Darlene’s Net Worth?

There are very few official sources of Darlene’s past and current revenue records. According to some rumors and unofficial records, she owns a total net worth of almost a million. So you can see she has quite good wealth and no doubt Megan must have shared her assets with her mom. Her daughter also has a good relationship with her, so there must be a very good share of wealth between them. 

Interesting Facts You Must Know About Gloria  

She is an exemplary mother as she has supported her daughter in her life to become successful. No doubt that Megan could have failed in her film career if her mother would not support her financially and emotionally.

Another interesting fact about Darlene is her current relationship status; she is divorced. Maybe her husband was not as faithful and trustworthy as he should have been. She is emotionally and financially strong even though she is divorced. She is a perfect illustration for all single and divorced women as she has proved all women can be successful and happy even though terrible things happen. 

Occupation and Income Sources

She has been a good real estate manager and stock investor. She is pretty much strong in terms of the economy on her own due to her past secular work. Nowadays, she is not working, but she is enjoying her life in peace with her beautiful daughter. 

Relationship with Megan Fox

Both Megan and Gloria have been very good friends if we look into their life history. They have spent a good amount of time together on holidays. Megan has posted a few photos with her mother on social media platforms in which you can see them rejoicing in their leisure time. They have portrayed a good example among mothers and daughters to run a successful family.  

BirthPlace and Race

She was born in New York City, United States, and she belongs to the English-Irish race. Not to mention, Gloria was a very beautiful and attractive woman at a young age, pretty much like her daughter. 

Gloria Darlene Fox’s Former Husband 

Franklin Thomas Fox was her first husband. He is the dad of Megan Fox, but later Gloria divorced him when Megan was just a teenager. After taking a divorce from Franklin, Gloria with her daughter moved to Florida where she married Tony Tonachio, her second husband. In other words, the celebrity mother married twice in her life, but it seems she couldn’t live happily with any of them due to some personal reasons. For now, she is single and leading a happy life with her two daughters. Not only that, she is proud of her daughter due to her remarkable success in the American Film Industry.