Beach Vacation Must-Haves

When you’re headed on a beach trip, there are certain things you want to bring with you, either physically or mentally. Making sure you’re prepared for your vacation reduces the amount of time you have to spend stressing about things and allows you to enjoy the sun and sand.

Vacation Attitude

It may not be something you can pack in a suitcase, but the vacation mode attitude is something everyone on the trip needs to step into. Letting all the worries that exist outside of vacation melt away is one of the reasons people enjoy going on trips, so having someone on the trip that is constantly worrying about things going on at work or back home can be exhausting. Making sure you’re on the same page with the rest of your group at the start is key to ensuring you all enjoy your time together. When you arrive at your destination, embrace the idea of vacation time and leave your stressors at the door.


While it may seem like one of the more obvious necessities, the importance of SPF cannot be overstated, especially when you are basking in the sunshine each day. Applying sunscreen lotion to your face and body can help guard your skin against the intense rays of the sun. Hopkins Medicine states that using sunscreen is one of the best ways to reduce and prevent damage or premature aging, both effects of spending time in the sun without protection. Make sure to reapply as the day goes on or if you decide to go for a dip in the water.

Varied Wardrobe

While the ideal trip would involve hot days and plenty of sunshine, it doesn’t always go that way. Packing a variety of clothing for different weather situations will have you prepared for anything. Checking the weather before you leave is a good idea, but it can also change quickly, especially by the water. Pack your swimsuits and shorts, but also throw in a sweatshirt, a pair of pants, and a raincoat just in case.

Reading Material

Nothing beats cracking a good book with miles of sand beneath you, which is probably why there is an entire category of books classified as beach reads. Packing a few books and even some magazines guarantees that you won’t run out of reading material on your vacation. Bring whatever you feel drawn to, but it can be fun to read novels set in similar tropical environments to mirror your surroundings. Mystery, romance, or literary fiction are all popular choices for the beach.

A Big Appetite

Usually, when you are on vacation, one of the great joys of the trip is getting to try out different restaurants and treat yourself to indulgent meals. If you’re a seafood lover, many beach towns have multiple options for fresh catch meals. Some of the best places may be harder to find, so asking locals where they prefer to dine can help reveal the hidden gems of the area. In addition to great lunches and dinners, make sure you don’t skip out on dessert. Ice cream on a hot evening is always a needed nightcap.

Beach Tools

From fishing to building sandcastles, there is so much to do at the beach besides lay out and tan. If you’re looking for a more active experience, make sure you know what kind of equipment you will need to bring, buy, or rent. Many beaches will have equipment rental services for guests for something common like beach chairs or umbrellas. Others may have boat or jet-ski rentals available as well, so if you know this is something you want to do, check to see which beaches in the area offer the activities you are interested in.

When going on a beach trip, there are certain necessities you’ll need to have a great time. After reviewing the list above, pack up your bags and enjoy your tan and time spent away from the stress of everyday life.