Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services


As a janitorial specialist, you’re responsible for scheduling the shifts for cleaning staff and production workers. When you first start, it can be overwhelming. Creating the schedule is only one aspect of the job, with other tasks like budgeting, scaling employees, and evaluating performance also requiring your attention. 

Worst case scenario: if you make an error in scheduling or budgeting, your company could bear heavy costs .That’s why it’s essential to use a scheduling tool that makes all these tasks easier so that you can  focus on what matters more, that is your customers!

This blog discusses seven online employee scheduling tools that are most reliable in the market today.

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What Is Employee Scheduling Software?

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services


Employee scheduling software is a tool  that makes it easy to manage and keep track of employees’ schedules. Without such a system, there would be tons of manual operations to ensure all shifts are covered. It saves tons of time!

Automating the process of employee scheduling creates regular outcomes, manages labor costs, increases productivity, and enhances workforce satisfaction. Its core function enables auto-assigning shifts, automatically sending notifications for new schedules and shift changes, clocking in and out features with timesheets created automatically, and payroll managing capabilities.

Make Your Business Run Smoother with Employee Scheduling Software

1.Swift scheduling

When you have a lot of employees, it can be tough to keep track of everyone’s schedule. But with the employee scheduling tool, it’s easy! It allows you to see who is available and when, so you can schedule accordingly. It can also help you track time off requests and vacation days. With employee scheduling software, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly!

2. Improve employee communication

When you have a lot of employees, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the same page. But with employee scheduling software, you can easily make changes or updates to the schedule. This way, everyone is always on the same page and knows what’s expected of them.

Plus, it can also help you track employee productivity and see where there might be room for improvement. 

3. Manage labor costs

One of the major benefits of employee scheduling software is that it can help you keep track of your labor costs. It is essential because labor cost is the most significant expense for a janitorial business. By keeping track of your labor costs, you can ensure that you are not over spending on staffing. 

Additionally, you can keep track of your workers’ hours to ensure that your janitorial workers are working the appropriate number of hours and being paid correctly.

4. Increase productivity by tracking time

 A lot of things are needed to run a successful janitorial service, but one of the most important is productivity. You need to ensure that your employees are working as efficiently as possible, and one way to do that is by tracking their time. 

Employee scheduling tools and project time tracking tools can help you do this by allowing you to see how much time your employees are spending on each task. This information can help change how your business runs so that you can get the most out of your janitorial employees.

5. Boost morale by allowing flexible work schedules

When your janitorial staff has a say in their work, they’re more likely to be happier and less stressed. It can lead to better morale and increased productivity. And when employees are happy, your customers will be too.

Top 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

1. Workstatus

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

As a cloud-based workforce scheduling software service, Workstatus offers easy and effective time-tracking for an organization through any device. It can automate manual timesheets and provide real-time  visibility on projects, tracking employees whether they  are clocking in from home or at the office – all in one comprehensive package. 

Workstatus saves time of janitorial businesses by eliminating paperwork without sacrificing reliability.

Furthermore, it simplifies payroll and invoices while tracking geographical data (even offline), providing real-time visualization of geofencing information using preinstalled Google maps.


  • Free Forever Package: $0 forever
  • Starter Package: $4.99 /user/month
  • Scale Package: $9.99 /user/month
  • Enterprise Package: $18 /user/month

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2. Scoro

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

The next best employee scheduling app is Scoro. With a variety of work-related tools, Scoro helps keep track of and plan your schedule. Tasks can be assigned quickly on its own calendar while also creating realistic deadlines for tasks. Avoid conflicting shifts through the visual display, which organizes employee workloads and slots.

Employees can also organize their schedules, set deadlines for themselves, and prioritize tasks. People are automatically updated on changes to the company’s event calendar or status reports, so they always know what is happening. Furthermore, centralized calendars make it easy for people to see who has which task scheduled or when they need to meet with someone else.


  • Essential: €19 per user/month
  • Standard: €29 per user/month
  • Pro: €49 per user/month
  • Ultimate: Contact for pricing

3.  SubItUp

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

This smart online employee scheduling software system can prevent scheduling conflicts, like by mistake booking the absent employees for the shift. If you automate attendance, employees who are unavailable won’t be booked on a shift or job. You’ll also find that it easily adjusts to the size of your team – like adapting to common problems arising  from calculating total work/billable hours of each employee (especially, when you are adding more employees), and understanding & managing urgent hiring needs of the company. 

The unpublished mode allows you to take all the time you need to organize tasks and tweak adjustments without updating your team. Once everything is settled down and ready for publishing, it will only require one click to release the schedule publicly. There are also many other features, such as staff self-scheduling, staff priority, fair shifts, shift reassignments, etc., which gives you an edge over others.


  • Simplify:$0.78/employee/month
  • Unite:$1.83/employee/month
  • Empower: $3.48/employee/month

4. Planday

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

Planday eliminates the manual process of collecting an employee’s availability and desired shift. Instead, the program collects all this information quickly and efficiently and store it for future use when creating a schedule. Scheduling based on department or skill set ensures that the correct personnel is assigned to each shift needed throughout the day (or night).

To save time while making schedules, you can use a reusable and customizable template according to your current needs.


  • Starter: 2.49€/user/month
  • Plus: 4.49€/user/month
  • Pro: 6.49€/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

5. Liveforce

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

Liveforce is the next best janitorial scheduling software which is designed for more than just assigning and scheduling work tasks. Liveforce provides a full-scale solution for organizing events or campaigns with a temporary workforce. With this system, you can manage all process stages from start to finish, including tracking recruitment activity on a centralized dashboard – everything at your fingertips!

Keeping up with everything on one platform allows you to remain organized while ensuring that essential projects and tasks are completed.


  • Starts at €150/mo

6. Shiftbase

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

Shiftbase has a variety of great features which offer employees flexibility in scheduling. One of these features includes setting up an account for various budgeting considerations. Furthermore, it ensures you have all the recent information about your employees’ status, including their availability and absences so that when you’re putting together schedules, the system will consider everything. In addition, considering the importantance of communication, Shiftbase offers you chat support and email support when you need it.


  • Free:$0 / per active employee
  • Starter: $3 / per active employee
  • Premium: $4 / per active employee

7. Zoho People

Best 7 Employee Scheduling tools For Janitorial Services

Zoho People is a comprehensive janitorial management software that will simplify your life and increase efficiency. You can automatically collect attendance records from every source and stop worrying about the human error that would happen if you manually input them yourself. This software has many different features for scheduling employees’ work hours and accommodating vacations or leaves of absence.


  • Essential HR: €1.251/user/month
  • Professional:€2/user/month
  • Premium: €3/user/month
  • Enterprise: €4 .50/user/month
  • People Plus: €9/user/month

Thus, we are done with the popular employee scheduling tools for janitorial employers. Some are free, while others may range from $10 to $100 monthly, depending on what you need it for.

Closing Thoughts

With the ever-growing demands of businesses, it is no surprise that janitorial services are in high demand.

With such a large number of staff, figuring out the best way to schedule your janitorial staff can be hard. Luckily, there are several employee scheduling tools available that make this process much more manageable. Whether you are looking for an online tool or a software app, we have shared the list of some of the best options available. 

Hopefully, our list will help you find the right tool for your needs and get your team organized in no time!

We have selected Workstaus and Zoho People as the best employee scheduling tools for janitorial services.

Which one would you prefer? Tell us in the comment section below-

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