Best Tools for Erasing Internet Browser History

Do you wish to delete your Internet browsing history for good? Are you seeking for a file deletion program to shield your surfing history from the dangers of data theft? You are introduced to the top-rated program that can completely delete your Internet surfing history in this blog. The most effective file eraser on the market, BitRaser File Eraser, is at the top of the list. It is made to protect your sensitive data by permanently erasing surfing history and is a dependable and powerful file eraser.

Your web browser records information about your online actions as you use different web browsers to browse the internet. These particulars include the URLs of the websites you have been to, credit/debit card information, ad preferences, social network account information, login information for financial services, autocomplete form entries, etc. Having this sensitive surfing data kept on your computer puts you at considerable risk for fraud, identity theft, and other problems.

This is why it’s crucial that you routinely clear your browsing history.

How Do I Remove History From My Internet Browser?

You can delete your browsing history in one of two methods.

  1. The browsing history can be deleted using the browser’s settings, which is an easy approach to removing browsing information. The information from your browser can still be recovered using data recovery software, therefore utilizing this method doesn’t completely erase the data.
  2. Utilizing file erasure software is the most efficient technique to remove your surfing history. The file erasing software is intended to permanently delete surfing history and other data, rendering it unrecoverable.

Why Use a File Erasure Program?

You might be wondering why you would require file erasing software if you can wipe your browsing history using a web browser. The foolproof method for completely erasing all data from your PC or Mac, including surfing data, is to use file erasure software. A file erasure program employs sophisticated algorithms to wipe the data once or several times. Data recovery tools cannot retrieve the information because of this overwriting, which renders the data unrecoverable.

You require a secure and potent file erasure program to guarantee that all surfing history is completely erased from the browser. Market vendors offer a wide variety of file-erasing programs. In order to make your search easier, we include some of the best programs for clearing internet browser history.

Most effective software for erasing internet browser history

1.  BitRaser File Eraser

A secure and effective file erasing tool called BitRaser File Eraser can be used to completely remove data from the computer, including files, folders, application traces, unused space, and Internet browser history. In order to avoid having to do it manually every time, it also lets you schedule the erase procedure.

Additionally, BitRaser File Eraser produces a tamper-evident and digitally signed certificate of erasure. As a result, you are given the peace of mind that the work was completed effectively and in conformity with data protection laws.

In addition to complying with important data security laws including SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc., BitRaser File Eraser supports 17 global data erasing standards. There is a separate Mac and Windows version of BitRaser File Eraser.

2.  Blancco File Eraser

The Blancco File Eraser removes data from your system, including surfing history, unused space, and files and folders. The software also enables you to create a certificate of erasure, which guarantees that the erasure operation was completed correctly. Blancco File Eraser has an easy drag-and-drop tool that speeds up the erase process. Additionally, it adheres to the main international file erasing standards and algorithms.

3.  Eraser

Eraser is a powerful data erasure software that will completely erase all of the data on your PC, including surfing history. Your erasing actions can also be scheduled using the software. The 35 passes Gutmann method, which overwrites the data 35 times, is one of the data erasing algorithms that Eraser also supports. Despite the fact that it could be slow, this method permanently deletes all types of data.

4.  Alternate File Shredder

You can use Alternate File Shredder to completely delete surfing history and other types of data from your computer. Only random overwriting is supported by this software’s erasing options. The frequency of this overwriting, however, is something you may choose.

5.  Wipe Drive

A bootable file erasure tool called WipeDrive may be used to completely remove any kind of file from your computer, including surfing history. You must first burn WipeDrive to a storage device like an external USB before using it on your computer. The ability to create an erasure certificate is also available through WipeDrive. The NIAP’s EAL4+ accreditation is only found on this one file erasing program.

Your private information is safeguarded from unauthorized access by routinely clearing your browsing history. Your surfing history can be completely erased with the use of a file erasing tool, which will also shield it from harm. The significance of data deletion is clarified in this article. It also talks about the best programs for clearing browsing history on the Internet. As a result, you would be better able to select the appropriate file erasing program for your requirements.