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Industries related to beauty, self-care, and wellness are exploding today. These are multibillion-dollar areas of focus, and global skincare alone is growing at a 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). 

If you love wellness and making people look and feel their best, the aesthetics industry has a place for you. You must learn the details that will help you go from Point A to Point B, as you push toward a thriving career. 

Use the tips in this article to get started on the journey. 

Consider the Specialty You Want to Explore

Most pros in the aesthetics industry have some sort of specialty, rather than serving as a one-stop-shop. This is both a matter of preference and a way to carve out a niche and better serve customers. 

Knowing the ins and outs of different segments of the cosmetology industry can assist you in putting smiles on people’s faces. Here are some of the avenues you might explore:

  • A career in skincare, providing facials, scrubs, waxing, and other services
  • Providing makeup jobs and cosmetic treatments of all sorts
  • Haircare professionals and barbers
  • Offering service for nails, manicures, pedicures, and colorful coats of polish
  • People that specialize in wigs and hairpieces

Each specialty offers value to customers that can improve their quality of life. Explore the jobs that you’re most passionate about so that you can build your work weeks around offering this service. 

Get Your Education and Certification

Your career won’t get out of the blocks without finding the best school and instructors. A cosmetologist certification is generally offered at a beauty school, community college, trade school, or other institution. 

Explore schools like Kanvas Training Academy that can show you curriculums, so you have an idea of what the coursework will be like. These career tracks require several logged hours of learning and hands-on coursework as outlined by the state. After getting your certification, you’re free to legally provide professional service to customers. 

Study Under Some Experts

Once you’re certified to offer aesthetic treatments, you still need to undergo the “finishing school” that only on-the-job experience can provide. Find internships, fellowships, and assistant opportunities in a salon or other business that can help you learn more. 

You’ll not only sharpen the skills that you’ve built but will also pick up skills related to customer service and time management. 

Set Goals for Your Career

Once you enter the aesthetics industry, hash out a 5-year plan for what you hope to achieve. Mapping out your career in these increments will prevent you from staying stagnant, and can help you increase your earning potential. 

Cosmetologists earn base salaries of about $28,000, on average, not including the many tips that they bring in. The sky is the limit once you’ve gotten your experience. Always seek to continue your education and take on new challenges that push you to become your best. 

Join the Aesthetics Industry

You can get started in the aesthetics industry by considering the tips above. It’s a job path that is fulfilling and will always keep you busy. Do your due diligence and find a school that can get you started with the necessary training and coursework. 

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