Can squirrels swim? They Do When Needed!

squirrel can swim

Every animal or living creature in the world possesses different abilities of movement. Be it water, land, or aerial animals they are different in their functioning. In this blog we are going to answer the most asked question related to squirrels – Can squirrels swim? 

Can squirrels swim? 

Squirrels are better at movement on land. They can easily jump, and run on trees and land. They can also fly well whenever they want. They can cover great distances in the air. But it was not seen that they can swim anyway. 

They are not good at swimming but can swim whenever it is required. Only grey, fox, and red squirrels can swim using their tails as rudders. 

Most Flying squirrels are weak swimmers

They are unable to swim well, as their gliding webbing causes heavy effects and makes them unable to swim. Flaps make them unable to swim in water properly. However, they Are not good at swimming but mostly look good while in water. 

Do squirrels like water or hate it? 

Squirrels are smart but can’t afford to swim. As they are not good at swimming. It is seen that those squirrels are afraid of swimming and prefer living on land. If they are underwater for more than 30 seconds to 5 minutes can cause death. 

Most of the time squirrels seem to be drowning. 

As they are scared of the height and density of water and prefer moving on land. It is seen that when water is rough they are more likely to be drowned. 

Do squirrels swim fast? 

The interesting fact about squirrels is that their swimming speed is good but they are not very good at swimming. Mostly swim at the pace of 2 to 4 miles. It depends on the density of the water and whether it is possible for fish to swim or not. 

Their speed can be increased by two major moments – 

  • When any animals chase them 
  • They are in search of food 
  • Want to go to another side of the water 
  • Their gliding webbing should not be a barrier. 

Fish can’t swim, nor can they stay in water for long but there is an exception. The fishes of 18-25 inches are wonderful swimmers called muskrats. 

Muskrats are an exception as they have a special respiratory system that allows them to stay underwater for as long as 15 minutes. 

Red squirrels usually tire after 300 miles. But there is a big difference between the bodies of squirrels and muskrats. 

Do squirrels live without water? 

Just Like human beings, squirrels also need water to survive. For everything including swimming, drinking, and bathing they need water. 

They prefer to remain hydrated as they do a lot, by running from one place to another to search for food and selecting a reliable place of shelter. An interesting fact is that they can live without food for more than 8 days but need water every day. Squirrels are land animals, that’s why they prefer staying on land mostly. 

The reasons behind their swimming can be – food searching, safety reasons, chasing prey, etc. In winters they prefer eating snow to keep themselves hydrated. Imagine how crucial water can be for their survival. 

Final verdict 

As we are aware squirrels are the cutest creatures on land and mostly look cute when they suddenly fall from water. It is likely to be a threat for them to swim in the water, especially for a long time. This blog answers the question of whether squirrels can swim or not. Not properly but yes they can swim for some time. They can’t stay underwater for more than 30 seconds or 5 minutes. Muskrats are exceptional with unique respiratory systems that make them capable of swimming well. 

Hope this blog solves our user’s queries effectively.