It is essential to know that a WooCommerce checkout page is necessary when assembling data from buyers before they complete an order. You can customize WooCommerce checkout page according to your requirements at times, and this job can be quite a challenge. There are many alternatives for editing WooCommerce checkout pages: third-party plugins, WooCommerce extensions, and custom development.  


WooCommerce checkout page- What is it exactly? 

To complete a purchase, you must go through the checkout page. Streamlining the checkout processes is essential for avoiding cart abandonment. This will give your store more traction and make your shoppers want to buy things from you because they’ll be happy with how easy it was for them. Having an intuitive, easy to navigate, and convenient checkout page, so that your customers don’t abandon their carts or feel it’s too complex for them is sure to give you great returns, let’s see how. 

 Customization of WooCommerce checkout page is vital -Why? 

It’s a challenge for many stores to keep their customers from abandoning their shopping carts. 69% of shoppers abandon the cart before completing an order. Costly shipping, forced creation of accounts, and lack of trust between customers and sellers can all lead to cart abandonment, so addressing these challenges can help solve the problem. These challenges can be dealt with when you optimize your checkout experience. 

 Benefits for optimizing checkout pages 

By optimizing your checkout process, you’re helping your customers to complete their orders quickly. Speeding up the checkout process also gives you an advantage by allowing customers to add items easily without going back and forth between product pages. This can encourage them to purchase more of your products or increase their average order value – leading them towards repeat customers. In addition, having a secure payment gateway will give both customers peace of mind that sensitive information is kept safe and trust in your business so that they can return for future purchases. You must provide a secure experience when checking out, so ensure contact and billing information is kept safe by using the Nimbbl secure payment gateway, which is very safe.  

 Improving checkout processes 

  1. Removal of unnecessary fields – A study by the Bayard Institute found that shoppers are frustrated and confused when filling in checkout pages with unnecessary fields. They recommend removing as many of these fields from your shopping cart’s checkout process, so customers do not get overwhelmed. According to this same institute, you only need between 6-8 additional fields on the back end for a WooCommerce order: name, address information, or email & phone number.  
  1. Inline errors validation – WooCommerce defaults to displaying all checkout error messages at the top, but this can be frustrating for customers. Inline validation provides a better user experience because they don’t have to search through each field one by one and make adjustments. 
  1. Inline labels – Despite appearing to guide users, inline labels can create more confusion than they clarify. Fields can become confusing and make it difficult for people to complete them. Placing above the input field will enhance the UI experience on desktops and mobile checkout if all inline labels are removed and placed above the input field instead. This creates a clean and clutter-free UI experience where customers know what they need to do. 
  1. Customization should avoid distractions to customize WooCommerce checkout page. It is best to avoid displaying things that do not need to be displayed. It may distract customers. It is common for page distractions such as social media icons to click on by customers before they complete their purchase. Nobody wants that. So only display information necessary for your customer to complete their order to keep them moving towards purchasing something from you. 
  1. Payment Methods – 6% of shoppers abandon their carts due to unavailable payment options. Consumers are completing a purchase when they are using the payment methods that are convenient for them. You should include Visa, MasterCard, Rupay and Dinars, and wallets in your offers so that customers have many choices when buying from you online. Nimbbl offers all payment options. 
  1. Trusted Seals – Add SSL encryption and a trust seal to ensure your customers feel safe. Some people will not purchase products if they aren’t SSL encrypted or don’t have an approved trust seal. 
  1. Feel Secure – 18% of customers will abandon their cart if they do not feel safe sharing their credit card information. If you provide the following, shoppers visiting your website feel confident that fraud won’t steal their purchases. 

Summary – With WooCommerce plugins, page templates, or custom code, you can customize the WooCommerce checkout page. Taking this step with caution is imperative since it is the last step in the purchase process, but it will benefit your conversion rate and minimize abandoned carts.