Clever nightstand ideas to upgrade any bedroom

Clever nightstand ideas to upgrade any bedroom

Decorating a bedroom is fun – it’s where you’ll likely spend the most time, and it’s fun to turn it into a clean sanctuary that suits your unique personal style. But the bedside cabinet seems a bit … inspired. Boxy, plain-looking, and nothing as glamorous and smart as our other jewelry repair products, we found ourselves closing that last purchase over a much longer period of time compared with the appropriate time.

Contrary to our banal conception of mirror night stand, some dodgy homeowners and skilled designers have allowed us to view this bedside working bed in a new way. Whether they’re using atypical pieces of furniture in place of traditional mirror nightstands or mixing classic pairings with something a little more eclectic, these spaces prove the point. That mirror nightstands don’t have to be completely practical.

01 Dual scissors

 Ricky Snyder

This tree-shaped shelf cleverly utilizes the space between the two beds in the children’s room and in one go drops objects off the floor. (Plus, its two-way style encourages sharing — a good thing in any home environment.)

02 Add floating price

Ashley Web Internal

Bookworm, this one is for you. Add some common sense to your bedtime routine with these floating stacks of books instead of traditional mirror nightstands – these will not only encourage you to read more but are a great way to introduce yourself. Showcase your favorite titles.

03 Bring them both in

Just talk

While the space *technically* also uses a traditional nightstand, we’re obsessed with the idea of ​​using a niche or waterhole as an alternative nightstand (if you’re lucky enough to get one). this kind of architectural detail) at home – or forge them).

04 A Pouf re-purpose

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sarah Liguria-Trump

 The condition of your bed is complete. A boho-inspired textile option adds texture (and a place to put a tray with a few essentials) even in the smallest of spaces.

05 Thinking in terms of geometry

 Lapine cocoa

True minimalists will be mesmerized by this sculpture, a bedside table for making statements. (False) A block of breathable marble creates the perfect contrast between soft stone and stone in this luxurious bedroom – and of course, Instagram provides a great background for a photoshoot.

06 Unified thinking

Internal Devon Grace

Look no further – This Lowell Trump mirror nightstand doesn’t really float, but its smooth metal base disappears in contrast to the artfully gradated painted walls, adding a sense of spaciousness to the room. This particular charcoal-covered bedroom.

07 Take the shape of a drum

Gold a la mode

Today, “blank” style accents are more popular than ever. While they don’t offer much in terms of hidden storage, they are a great (and often extremely affordable) way to add texture, size, and unique materials to your space. Try a few props in the guest room, where extra desk storage isn’t a priority.

08 Choose a report maker

 Catherine Carter

Just because they’re called “side tables” doesn’t mean they have to play the second flute. Opt for brightly colored mirror nightstands (or make some and paint them yourself) for an unexpected, playful accent that brightens up the space. Touch finishing to put the side panel in the center? Report lights hang considerably – now they’re ready for close-ups.

09. Mix and match furniture

 Katie Hackworth

Forget the old rule that the bed must have two sides to match the headboard – have another eclectic look. This great bedroom uses a classic square chest instead of a traditional briefcase – and we love the personality it adds.

10. Use a chair instead

Katie Hodges

For a single-person bedroom (like a kid’s room), there really isn’t a need for two mirror nightstands. Replace with a chair to make a perfect perch to organize your clothes for the next day or read a book before bed.