Common Medical Issues Impacting Men’s Health

Common Medical Issues Impacting Men's Health

In our modern society, it might be easy to look over certain medical issues that are plaguing men. When men are perceived as stronger and healthier, there are things that can be overlooked because of an unwillingness to get it checked out when it is medically necessary. These stigmas can cause men to infrequently visit medical professionals for prevention and it has proven to be destructive to men’s health. Many men in our society, more than women, suffer from chronic illness and pain. Many of these medical issues could be preventable and treatable with trips to the doctors and there are so many common issues impacting the health of men in negative ways. Read below to find out the most common medical issues impacting men’s health in society today and see what can be done about it. 

The Common Health Conditions

Above are just some of the reasons why we see common medical issues in men such as:

  • Heart disease – This can be very dependent on physical aspects of your life such as diet and exercise, as it has a lot to do with the cholesterol build-up in your body. Smoking also impacts the likelihood of developing heart disease.  
  • Stroke – Alcohol and drug problems are also tied to this health condition and can worsen it – but often factors like high blood pressure and diabetes can cause strokes. 
  • Diabetes – This plagues many people throughout the world, especially men. It can cause damage to your kidneys and nerves and may cause strokes or heart disease. 
  • Erectile Dysfunction – For many men this may be an issue and can be caused by factors including obesity, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, stress or relationship problems. If you suspect that you have this issue, contact mens health erectile dysfunction.   
  • Depression – 6 million men deal with depression every year and much of it goes untreated as many men avoid the doctor and the societal pressures of that. Yet, many suicides in the United States are men, so this is a topic that needs to be discussed and help treated. 

Societal Factors and Preventative Measures

When it comes to negative societal factors and pressures, men have a higher chance of falling victim to those things that decrease the quality of health and life in younger and older adults. There are aspects of life such as drugs and alcohol that impact health that men are more likely to participate in as well as unhealthy eating habits and not exercising. Stress, genes and hormones are likely to influence this as well. If you combine these factors with the fact that men are less likely to see a doctor for issues or preventive factors, you get an increase in more common medical issues among men. This is not to say that women don’t experience some of these factors and suffer from them as well, but some of them impact men more in society and they are less likely to get treatment to help in their suffering.

How Can We Help These Medical Issues?

Men are human beings, like everyone else, and deserve the same treatment and prevention care without all the stigma attached to it. Understanding that men need care and treatment is the first step to help prevent common medical issues as well as by not making any more excuses. Physical exercise and appropriate eating habits are the fundamental building blocks for health. That can target any number of medical issues involving heart health and cholesterol-based issues. Whether it is heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, or depression, something can be done to help decrease the statistics of these common problems. Having your health be a priority and taking charge in your life, while seeking medically professional advice, will add to the overall health and quality of life in men.