Entrepreneurs Share How to Create New Habits for a Successful 2023

Entrepreneurs Share How to Create New Habits for a Successful 2023

Change can be good for a person, but it isn’t always easy. We spoke with successful entrepreneurs about what they find are the best ways to stick to new habits.

  1. Create a vision board

“A habit is something that is created over time, and can be positive or negative. To create more rewarding habits in your life it is important to recognize that it might not be easy and will take some willpower to make it stick.

To make it easier on yourself to create habits, create a list of the habits that are most important to you to have. Then use this list to create a vision board as a physical reminder of what you are trying to achieve. Seeing your goals every single day helps you to want to achieve them because you are reminded of them often. 

Patsy Sanchez the assistant editor for Zodiac Sign continues on to say, “a vision board can be a collage of words and pictures that help you to aspire to whatever it is you want to achieve. When you try to create a new habit, you have to surround yourself with inspiration in order for you to see progress. Put this board somewhere where you have to look at it all the time like above your office desk so you can always be thinking about the habits you are trying to stick to and also be inspired to come up with new ways to do it.”

  1. Start journaling

Journaling can be a great way to keep track of the habits you are trying to achieve as an entrepreneur. It’s a private look into your thoughts and feelings, and also your wins and struggles when you are trying to create a new routine for yourself. 

In a journal you should be documenting your new habit, how you are going about making it a reality, and the things you might encounter along the way that make it easier or tougher for you to achieve. You can then shift your plans and document them so you can physically see your progress. This is also helpful in figuring out solutions to issues you might face, and ensuring you document it so you can avoid it from happening again.

Creating a new habit is not easy, and you sometimes have to go through a lot of hurdles first before it sticks. A journal makes it easier to identify what the issues are, so you can get back on track.

  1. Recruit others

Support is a key factor when it comes to trying to create new habits. As an entrepreneur it can sometimes be tough to find the time to do extracurricular activities, but when you have someone to do them with, it gives you that motivation and drive to do it. When you’re trying to change up your routine, or add something new into your life, having someone do it with you can make it that much easier. 

Recruit a friend, a family member or even team member to help keep each other motivated. You can keep one another accountable, and provide much needed support for something that can be quite difficult to do on your own.

  1. Reward yourself

When you are trying to encourage change in your life, you need to be able to give yourself a reward to help keep you motivated. The reward doesn’t have to be big, or expensive, but something you enjoy to keep you wanting to fulfill your goals. 

Take yourself out for a nice meal, or buy a new book you’ve been wanting. These things can be inexpensive, but push you to complete what you started and feel good about it along the way.

  1. Give yourself honest feedback

Bryan Mullennix, the owner of FeelingVegas says, “you need to be honest with yourself about which habits are the most feasible that you will most likely stick with. Being honest about what you can and can’t do is important before you start making big changes in your life, as this will also help to determine if you will be successful.

Being consistent with your new habit will help you to determine what may or may not be working for you. You can make adjustments to make it easier on yourself, but you should also be recognizing signs that maybe it isn’t time for you to begin this new change quite yet.

Something else to keep in mind is that in order to make your new habits stick, you need to make sure to recognize your excuses and be able to overcome them. It is okay to take some occasional breaks from your habits, but if it is a recurring thing, you may never stick with it. You should also be okay with failure and not let that deter you from continuing on.”