How do you fix the error code or-ieh-01?

fix error code or-ieh-01

While using Google Play services, you could encounter some errors, such as the or-ieh-01 error code. Error codes help users and support services to identify an issue on your system or program. This also helps in identifying the cause of the error or technical issue that you are facing.

Many users have noticed error code or-ieh-01 on Google payment methods and transactions. If this error appears on your device as well, it means there is something wrong with the payment method you are utilising.

However, the exact causes and reasons for this problem are still not officially clarified by the Google support team yet. So we are going to use various solutions to fix it.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump in.

Fix the or-ieh-01 Google payment error in 2 minutes

1. Check your payment information

When people get this error on their system, it usually indicates you have entered wrong information for the payment method you are using. You should recheck all the details you have entered while making the payment. If your payment method is saved, make sure to delete it, and then re enter it. This will fix all typo errors in the payment method. Even an insignificant mistake in the payment details can cause the payment to fail. If you are using a debit or credit card on Google pay or Play Store, then make sure to edit its details. Once you have successfully fixed and proof checked all the details, please re-initiate the payment. This time your transaction will not fail and you won’t see the payment error code or-ieh-01.

2. Check your internet connectivity

Sometimes the bad internet connection can also lead to payment errors. Make sure to check your internet connection and see if you can play online videos using it. If your connection is not playing videos online and you see buffering, it means your internet connection is weak. This could be triggering the payment issues. So please connect to a better Wi-Fi connection before retrying the payment.

3. Sign out and sign in to fix or-ieh-01

Some users have resolved the problem by removing their account from their devices and logging in again. You can also try the same method and it might troubleshoot the error or-ieh-01 within no time and effort. Go to the application that you are using for making payments. Sign out from the user account and wait for a few minutes. After that, carefully reopen the application and sign in to your user accounts using your account credentials. See if the problem persists.

If you still face the same issue on your Google payments over and over, talk to the Google support executives.