From Online Dating to Marriage: Online Dating Guide

It is more pleasant to receive one living rose from one good man on one romantic date than to receive hundreds of painted roses on a virtual “wall” every day.

You started dating online, but you are rarely called on dates, so you can’t build further relationships? Here’s the thing: You just don’t follow the rules of flirting in online dating.

It would seem that it could be easier than to place a profile and write your requirements for a man on a dating site and find a prince there according to the given parameters. The main thing is to post more dazzling photos and actively write to all suitable candidates.

“Hunters” for men, both real and virtual, are always on the losing side. And feminism and emancipation have absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s all about instincts. No matter how world history and constitutions change, the laws of nature remain unchanged. And the fact that a man is a hunter by nature is one of those very unshakable laws. This is what you need to proceed from, filling out the “about yourself” field on a dating site and starting communication on the Web with potential chosen ones. This is the key to success! If you are trying to use a reliable dating site with legit users, you may want to try SugarDaddySeek, a website that allows people to find their Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby relationship. However, while using such dating websites, we highly advise you to be very careful while meeting strangers. You should ensure you are meeting a legit person who is not involve in any type of unlawful practice and lifestyle.  

We, here at, don’t recommend anyone to use or not use online dating website as it is everyone’s personal decision to find their partner. There could be some disadvantages of finding a your partner virtually if you become careless. Please consult with your loved ones and to your gaurdians before beginging the use of such platforms. This article is purely made for educational purpose and we don’t promote being careless on online dating websites and apps.   

Trite, outrageous, but it works!

How to present yourself on a dating site

Now you will learn the basic rules to follow when dating online. These tips may seem too obvious and simple, but they work. Their effectiveness has been tested by thousands of women who have successfully married or found their dream relationship by getting to know each other on the Web. So just follow them and enjoy the results.

Choose an Attractive Nickname

You need to choose a nickname according to the principle of an advertising slogan: the main thing is to emphasize your uniqueness, originality and attract attention. For example, “Blue-eyed blonde” is much more interesting than “Julya29”. At the same time, you should not try to express all your aspirations in a nickname: “I want to get married”, “I agree to meet”, “I am looking for a soul mate” – such nicknames do not leave room for imagination and scare away.

Also, do not come up with playful pseudonyms like “Kitten” or “Zaya” – they are attractive to men who do not seek a serious relationship. Write in your nickname your name and some description of yourself.

Only One photo

If you place a lot of photos in your profile from all angles, you thereby seem to declare: I am in despair, I am eager to please, rather, pay attention to me! Profiles with a lot of photos show that their owners spend a lot of time poring over compiling their image on the Web. This means they have no privacy. So they are not particularly interesting, and so on in the same vein.

It is necessary to create the impression that you filled out the questionnaire on the site as if in between times – after all, you have a bright and interesting life and there is no time to sit at the monitor for an extra minute. Post only one photo where the face is clearly visible, preferably with a smile. This will be enough to interest a man.

Minimum Information

You should not write everything about yourself on a dating site when filling out an account. Just as you should not describe in detail what kind of man you are looking for, indicate that he must be “accomplished”, with a car, an apartment and an income of 100 thousand euros. State the requirements for a man on a dating site concisely, in a nutshell.

Present yourself with light short positive phrases. Getting acquainted with your profile, a man should see a pleasant attractive woman, and not a fury with a load of problems and requests.