Get More FFXIV Gil from the newest addition from Patch 6.15.

FFXIV Patch 6.15: All You Need to Know  

A new update went live for Final Fantasy XIV. What are the latest additions from Patch 6.15?     

Final Fantasy’s Patch 6.15 brought new improvements to the game and several unique contents. The most notable of these new updates are the latest main quests, side missions, and questlines; other relevant content has been added to the game where players can farm FFXIV Gil. There are also new items and recipes for gamers looking for newly discovered gear. 

Major Changes 

There are five notable updates that players should look out for in-game. Here are the most relevant changes available to FFXIV account:

Arkasodara Tribal Questline 

All missions under these questlines will have level syncing features. This system applies to both main quests and daily quests. Gamers should also note that there will be quests that will not allow progression if done with different classes. Here are the latest tasks for this questline: 

  • Hippos Born to Run (LVL 80) – accepted from Kancana in Thavnair
  • 5 Unknown Quests unlocked after completing “Hippos Burn to Run” 

The Tribal Daily quests are unlocked after doing the hippo mission. Gamers will be able to earn Tribal Currency, which they can use to buy various items from the Tribal Vendors for Arkasodara. However, players must have finished the “A Budding Adventure” mission and the Endwalker MSQ to access all the Tribal Questlines. 

Chronicles of a New Era Quests 

This questline will also receive two additional missions. Gamers must finish the Endwalkermsq before they can engage in these tasks. Here is the latest addition to this line: 

  • A Heartless Hypothesis (LVL 90) – accepted from the Bespectacled Technician 
  • Goodbye (LVL 90) 

New Side Quests 

There are new additional side quests that gamers can encounter as they roam around Eorzea. These missions are single-instance tasks, meaning they are not connected to any questline. Here are the latest side missions in the game: 

  • Small Business, Big Dreams (LVL 90) – accepted from Mehdjina
  • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (LVL 90) – accepted from Excitable Youth 
  • An unknown quest that requires the “The Sleeping Gentleman” mission to be completed. 

Ameliance Custom Deliveries 

For players who are looking for extra Gil, XP, and Scripts, doing custom deliveries can be a great way to acquire them. These tasks/daily can be unlocked by interacting with Ameliance. Here are the latest additions to Custom Deliveries: 

  • Of Mothers and Merchants (LVL 80) – accepted from the Well-dressed Attendant 
  • Two unknown deliveries that both require level 80 

For Custom Deliveries, players must have any gathering or crafting Job at level 80 instead of Disciples of War or Magic classes. Gamers can also cast glamour on Ameliance if they reach level 4 or 5 satisfaction with the NPC. Glamour Prisms are essential for customizing her. 

Hippo Cart Mount 

Mounts are one of the most noticeable features in Final Fantasy. Players tend to use the wackiest, most incredible, or prettiest mounts in their inventory. The new Hippo Cart is exactly as it sounds — it showcases a small cart that gamers can ride on that is being drawn by a mounted hippo with ornaments on its head. 

New Furnishing Items 

The new furnishings are player-inspired designs that have been patched into the game. Back in 2019, a competition was held for gamers where they designed new furniture for the housing system. There was no actual guarantee that these fan-made items would make their way into the game, but developers seem to have found some of these as good enough to be included in the actual furnishing list. 

Minor Changes 

Aside from significant updates like new quests and mounts, some changes are relatively minor. These include new items and recipes. Here are the less relevant updates from the recent patch: 

New Items 

  • Appointed Cap 
  • Appointed Jacket 
  • Appointed Gloves 
  • Appointed Slacks 
  • Appointed Shoes 
  • Inksquid
  • Seedtoad
  • Auroral Clam 
  • Holier-than Mogpom
  • Chalky Coral 
  • Aetherconductive Quill 
  • Aetherconductive Focus 
  • Luncheon Coffer 
  • Aetherconductive Mammet 
  • School Supplies 
  • Aethercondutive Quill Components 
  • Aetherconductive Focus Components 
  • Luncheon Coffer Components 
  • Aetherconductive Mammet Components 
  • Aetherconductive Feather 
  • Aetherconductive Focus Materials 
  • Luncheon Coffer Materials 
  • Aetherconductive Mammet Materials 
  • School Supply Materials 
  • Appointed Attire Coffer 
  • Hippo Cart Card 
  • Gajasura Card 
  • Wind-up Arkasodara
  • Hippo Cart Horn 
  • Flow Together Orchestrion Roll 
  • Hippo Ridin’ Orchestrion Roll 
  • Raised Wooden Deck 
  • Log Pillar 
  • Iron Chair 
  • Stuffed Sanduruva
  • Stuffed Minduruva
  • Stuffed Cinduruva
  • Sweetfish Skewers 
  • Ornamental Crystal Array 
  • Simple Arched Window 

New Recipes 

  • Aetheroconductive Quill 
  • Aetherocondutive Focus 
  • Luncheon Coffer 
  • Aetheroconductive Mammet 
  • School Supplies 
  • Simple Arched Window 
  • Raised Wooden Deck 
  • Iron Chair 
  • Ornamental Crystal Array 
  • Sweet Skewers 

Most of these updates mainly affect players with Endwalker in their FFXIV accounts. It’s highly recommended that gamers obtain the latest expansions in Final Fantasy XIV so they can enjoy the entire content of the game. Make sure to check out the newest additions from Patch 6.15!