Get Who Gets You Dating Site Crossword Answer

Get Who Gets You Dating Site Crossword Answer

In this article, I will answer the “Get who gets you dating site” crossword clue. This clue was provided in the Crossword Puzzle published on September 20, 2023 by the Los Angeles Times. The hint was provided for the 34 up-to-down puzzle. 

The answer to this puzzle was EHARMONY. 

The hint “Get who gets you dating site” for the crossword answer “EHARMONY” was exceptionally relevant since eHarmony is a famous dating site in Los Angeles, started in 2000. 

You might be surprised but people are searching for this crossword even months after the publish date. This tells how much people like crosswords and other word based puzzles and games. These types of games are super-beneficial for our brain’s health. They help us cultivate more reasoning ability and sharpen our thinking skills. 

Let’s see why Eharmony is the correct answer to the crossword. 

Eharmony is the Answer of the Get Who Gets You Dating Site Crossword

It was a Down crossword clue with the hint number 34. ‘Get who gets you’ directly interprets a situation where you are finding a potential partner who will also choose you as a potential match. eHarmony is a popular site for finding a compatible match. Users can only start dating using this site when both parties agree, providing a ‘get who gets you’ sort of condition. Also, eHarmony fits perfectly within the 8 words given in the puzzle as a dating site. Another strong reason why it is the answer is that eHarmony is based in Los Angeles, and featuring this puzzle in the Los Angeles Times makes it more sensible.

Alternative Answer for Get Who Gets You Dating Site Crossword

I will suggest you use “TINDERED” as the alternative answer in the 20 Sep, 2023 crossword. “Tinder” is a popular dating app, and “Tindered” is a word coming from it, implying the act of finding a match on Tinder. The clue “Get who gets you” could be interpreted as finding a potential partner who understands and connects with you, which aligns with the concept of finding matches on Tinder. Additionally, “Tindered” fits within the constraint of 8 words for the crossword clue.
However, there can be problems with this answer if it is used in the puzzle. Using “TINDERED” instead of “EHARMONY” may potentially interfere with other words in the puzzle, depending on how the intersecting letters align.

To ensure minimal interference with other words, it is important to check how the letters of “TINDERED” interact with the letters of other words in the puzzle, both Across and Down. If the surrounding letters make logical words or phrases with “TINDERED,” then it may be a suitable alternative. However, if the surrounding letters create conflicting or non sensible combinations, it will mess up the overall meaning of the puzzle.