How To Be a Better Delivery Driver (7 Best Tips)

Delivery Driver

Making deliveries has become a great way to earn extra cash and regular income. The trick is to optimize your time. 

Strategic rideshare drivers know that picking up and dropping off at events is a great way to maximize their income. A similar strategy for delivery drivers exists, especially if you opt to become a freelancer.

Common delivery jobs include:

  • Food
  • Packages
  • Newspaper
  • Floral
  • Mail

Common vehicles that delivery professionals use are:

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Bicycles
  • Motorized scooters

The combination of delivery type and mode of transportation determines how to become better at the task. 

To start, we outline how to be a better delivery driver with our seven best tips across the board.

1. Improve Your Driving Skills

Delivery drivers spend the bulk of their time driving and on the road. Therefore, successful delivery starts with improving your driving skills. 

Start with practicing defensive driving. Then, remember the basics such as:

  • Use your seat belt
  • Avoid becoming distracted
  • Practice good posture
  • Mind the speed limit

When UPS, FedEx, and Amazon delivery drivers become involved in accidents, it causes a negative ripple effect. It stops their days and pulls them into legal and insurance issues.

If you need personal injury advice, the team at JT Legal Group provides expert opinions. 

2. Maintain Your Vehicle

Whether you provide your vehicle or you receive it from your employer, maintain it.

If you lease a vehicle, bicycle, or scooter, the lessor expects you to return it in good shape. Otherwise, you can incur fees.

Maintenance becomes more vital for personal vehicles since it runs double duty. 

If you decide to purchase a vehicle for commercial purposes only, it provides some tax write-off benefits. Nonetheless, proper maintenance helps extend the life of the car.

Bicycles and scooters require maintenance too. Tightening the gears, chains, and wheels prevents maintenance-related accidents. 

3. Invest in Gear

Employed delivery drivers benefit from investing in gear as much as freelancers.

Most people leave home with their wallets, keys, and smartphones. Smartphones have turned into mini personal computers. 

When you download productivity apps, you can map your routes, keep track of time, and take pictures of completed deliveries.

Other gear to consider investing in is:

  • Extra phone charger
  • Dashcam
  • Travel reusable bottles for water, coffee, or other liquids
  • Sunglasses
  • Insulated bags
  • Phone mount

Some professionals rely on themselves to complete their tasks. Others lean on technology. Once you find your delivery style, optimize it.

4. Optimize Your Time

Everyone benefits from maximizing their time. It prevents redundancies and leads to efficiency.

Optimizing your time includes finding the best routes to common delivery locations and understanding traffic patterns. Sometimes a vehicle is not the best mode of transportation; a bike works better.

In Downtown Los Angeles, food delivery freelancers can rent bicycles and scooters. Each provides a better way to deliver than cars.

Moreover, the best delivery professionals plan.

5. Become Acquainted with Common Delivery Locations

Some delivery professionals receive the same routes consistently. Others deliver to common locations such as downtown areas. 

It’s nice when you can deliver in bulk to one building, block, or area. However, you still need to deliver efficiently. 

Food delivery professionals receive random assignments as they become available. Thus, they must become adept at efficient route planning on the fly.


6. Improve Your Customer Service Skills

They say that service with a smile goes a long way – they’re right. If you make contact with the customer, greet them with a smile and hand them their item. 

You might catch them at a busy moment. If they don’t return the kindness, you can still brighten their day. Excellent customer skills earn freelancers more tips. 

For employed professionals who keep the same route, outstanding service might earn them a Christmas gift from the client. 

7. Remain Patient

Delivery professionals must exercise patience throughout the day. Your pick-up might see delays or you might come across traffic. The Law of Averages assures that you’ll come across an irate customer eventually.

Instead of dwelling on the things that slow your day down, focus on how you can minimize the stumbling blocks. As you strategize, remember to remain patient. 


Becoming a better delivery driver only requires incorporating a few easy tips. If you have a passion for delivering, it’s that much easier to improve your skills. Whether you freelance or work full-time, successful delivery starts with excellent driving and customer skills.