How To Choose A Field For Your Career?

You might have felt the confusion after the 10th/ 12th board regarding the subjects you will be choosing after the exams. Let us tell you one thing: the confusion you face is common, and there is no serious issue. Everyone has felt the same while going through all options to plan their careers after the 12th board. 

The journey starts from the 10th board only, where you have to choose the subjects further into which you want to make your career. 

You have options given for science, commerce, and Arts. You can choose the subjects you feel suit you the most among these vast fields. A student who loves mathematics can go for the PCM. PCM here means Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, whereas students who feel PCB is the correct field can choose Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There is also a possibility in the Science field that you can select both Mathematics and Biology simultaneously. 

Looking at the options which you will get only in the science stream can create confusion in your mind about your choices, but you need not worry as if you are reading this article, you will probably get an idea about the things and how to proceed with them altogether concerning your career- 

To choose the best option, it is essential that we ask ourselves a few questions and make ourselves very particular about our choices and opportunities in life. Below are a few questions that we think one should ask them as they are faced with situations where you have to decide on things immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are my interests and personality traits?

Indeed, you are often best at things that your personality depicts from your actions. The activities you do in your daily life tell you about the things you are comfortable with. After asking yourself this question, you must understand the hobbies you enjoy the most? Do you like to go outdoors, or something indoors keeps you calm and at peace?

Figure out if you love working with people, animals, big data, or computers. You might not come up clear by the time you sought these answers, but we are sure that an idea must have developed in your mind regarding the plans you want to continue further. For example, if you work with software or computers and have a keen interest in knowing how these student attendance management software works, you can probably go for more such skills and opt for computer as a subject. 

What are your values?

For every person, specific values or things are essential. We encourage you to live your life to the fullest, but it would be nice if you have certain principles you like to follow. It will not limit you, but it will help you grow as a person and, most importantly, know yourself as a person. 

Skills and Education 

Let us suppose you are a mathematics lover and would like to take your career forward in the mathematics field. However, you are not sure if you want to join engineering or would like to learn architecture or other related profiles. It would be best to keep yourself updated with all the skills required and education needed to make you a certified engineer/architect/Other. 


Once you discover the skills required, you can connect the skills to the hobbies you have listed before and then choose things that suit your personality and that you love doing the most. 

Someone once said, “Love your work because you are best at things or for things you completely have fallen for.” Nowadays, schools are also taking the initiative with the help of their best school management software to help children get engaged in activities. It enables students to overcome their fear and enjoy the actions that will help them discover their preferences.