How to Choose an Addiction Recovery Program That’s Right for You

21.2 million Americans struggle with substance use disorder. 

Addiction is a growing epidemic, and it’s essential to have the facilities available to those who are in need of help. Luckily, there are many treatment options available. 

Finding the best addiction recovery program for yourself or someone you love is complicated. Much of the challenge comes with committing to complete the recovery process. 

To improve the chances of you or your loved one defeating addiction, choose the program that best fits the situation. We’ll walk you through how to choose an ideal recovery program. 

Level of Support

The first step in selecting an addiction recovery center is evaluating and deciding on the level of support needed. 

You can evaluate the needed level of support by understanding the full scope and severity of the addiction. Chat with a professional or trusted family member if you’re in need of a second opinion. 

If someone is severely struggling and has little support from family and friends, a residential and/or inpatient program is best. If they have a large amount of outside support already present, look into available outpatient programs. 

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Fees and Insurance

Many people are worried about the price of substance abuse rehab. While this is a valid concern, the investment is worth it. 

To lighten the financial load on yourself, chat with your insurance company to determine what rehab options and facilities are in your network. It’s best to chat with the insurance company first before reaching out to a nearby facility.

If your local facility isn’t covered in your plan, set up a consultation with a facility employee. Inquire about their treatment options and associated costs. Some facilities even offer payment plans!

Available Services

When inquiring about facility costs, it’s important to clarify what services are included with the cost. 

Facilities offer a variety of mental, physical, and creative services to aid in the recovery process. For example, you can find facilities with talk therapy services, art classes, and large gyms. 

Find facilities that offer services you deem valuable. Think about what type of activities have helped you in the past. You may have a former passion for painting or lifting weights that you’re wanting to uncover. 

Recovery is Possible: Finding an Addiction Recovery Program

It’s important to know support is out there for you if you’re struggling with an addiction. Use our above guide to find an addiction recovery program that’s right for you. 

Always turn to a professional when dealing with addiction. Seek medical treatment first and foremost if needed. The consequences of addiction can be physically dangerous. 

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