How to Choose the Best Turkey Bitcoin Exchange

Due to the stringent regulations the Turkish authority has put in place around cryptocurrency, it can be a tall order to identify a reliable Bitcoin exchange in Turkey. When we talk of a reliable exchange, we mean one that you can use to trade in Bitcoin both safely and legally. One of the incidents that led to these strict measures is the recent “Thodex” scam which left many crypto investors with fears about their digital assets.

Nevertheless, there are still several trusted and reliable crypto exchanges that people in Turkey can choose to buy and sell Bitcoin without any worries. Below are some of the options you can consider if you are looking for the best Bitcoin exchange in Turkey:


NakitCoins is one of the most reputable exchanges in Turkey and boasts of being the first to open a physical crypto exchange outlet. This opened in 2018 after Nakitcoins itself was founded in 2017. There are several offices in various locations across the country, making Nakitcoins a leading Bitcoin exchange in Turkey.

Here are some of the main advantages of NakitCoins:

·    Offers a safe environment where traders can buy and sell bitcoins and other coins

·    Allows users to trade privately

·    Enables traders to trade digital currencies with cash and swap coins without limits

·    The NakitCoins app allows users to transact conveniently from their mobile devices at any time is one of the key global players in cryptocurrency trading and maintains a positive reputation as a reliable exchange. Investors in Turkey can consider to trade in both bitcoins and altcoins. The exchange is an especially good option for those who want to invest in less well-known altcoins before their uptake by the masses.

Some of the advantages of include:

·    Allows traders and investors to earn interest daily by staking their digital coins

·    Supports a huge list of cryptocurrencies – over 100 coins

·    Allows free deposits for all digital currencies

·    Charges fair trading fees – 0.4% per transaction

·    Enables purchase of newly-listed digital currencies at a discount of up to 50%.


The Bitpanda cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2014 in Australia. It has since earned its place as one of the most popular platforms for trading crypto across Europe, including Turkey. You can consider it if you are searching for a trusted Turkish Bitcoin exchange.

The positive aspects of Bitpanda include:

·    supports a wide array of digital assets—over 25 coins

·    Offers users a friendly and easy-to-use interface

·    Provides excellent customer support round the clock

·    Offers many withdrawal and payment options

Factors to consider when choosing a Turkish Bitcoin exchange

As you look for the best exchange to use in Turkey, you need to consider several things, including:

·    User interface: Depending on your experience level, choose an exchange with an interface that is easy to understand. If you’re a beginner, choose a platform with a simple interface. This way, you won’t get confused by the many features on some platforms.

·    Fees: Different exchanges charge different fees for trading on them, which impacts your returns. Along with other factors, choose an exchange with fair fees.

·    Security: Consider how safe and secure the exchange is so you do not worry about your assets and information when using the platform.

·    Supported coins: The more coins an exchange supports, the better.


You need to take your time and consider several factors as you choose the Turkish bitcoin exchange you will use. Choosing the right one will ensure you have the best experience and get better returns. Some considerations include the fees charged for trading, security, user-friendliness of the interface, and the number of supported coins.