How To Choose The Right Mobile Frame To Complement Your Piece

It’s not just about putting images on the wall when it comes to framing. There are specific guidelines for selecting the appropriate picture frame to match your work and complement your interior environment. It might be hard to consider all the details to make the ideal bespoke mobile framing. When faced with all of our framing options, here are some pointers to assist you in picking the perfect picture frame to match your work.

Wooden or metal frame?

The material of the frame is the first thing to think about while looking for the appropriate structure for your collection. Your choice of wooden or metal frames should be influenced by the image you’re framing. The minimalism of metal frames complements contemporary works such as abstract painting and black-and-white photography. A more vital and classic look may be achieved using wooden frames. Your preference for wooden or metal structures may also be influenced by the interior design of your space.

Picture frame in black or white

When applied appropriately, putting your images in a basic frame like black or white may genuinely bring out the beauty. The black frame is more professional and classier, and the white frame is more informal and adaptable. Both black and white frames provide a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Colourful frames

Choosing a mobile framing option for your artwork or images is a safe bet that emphasises a particular hue and gives the display a feeling of unity. The work’s chosen colours can be as big or as little as you want them to be. Selecting a frame that is the same shade as your work can offer you a feeling of solidity for mostly monochromatic pieces.

Prefer matting

Matte is one of the final things to think about when picking the proper frame for your photo. Matte gives your artwork a decorative touch while separating it from the cover. Selecting this texture for your display gives it a more official, neat appearance that fits the image in the mobile framing. More giant posters and artwork may not need an amount, but it all depends on what you want and how it will appear.


Tip 1: Don’t emphasise the fact that a specific hue in your photograph matches the colour of your frame. When picking a frame, think about the overall tone of the picture.

Tip 2: For informal or essential art, choose a bright frame, while for more sophisticated or formal works, choose a dark edge.

Tip 3: It’s more vital to match the frame to the rest of the room’s decor than to check the photo’s colour to the edge. Choose a structure that blends in with your existing décor or provides just the perfect amount of distinction.

Tip 4: To make your mobile framing stand out, make sure the frame colour isn’t too similar to the wall colour.

Tip 5: The colour of the shadow box and the colour of the frame should be distinct. If they’re too similar, the attention will be drawn to the framing rather than the painting.


Begin by creating your own unique frame to complement and customise your living environment. Keep these hints in mind. But, most importantly, select the one that best matches your sense of style.