How To Draw Pixel Art for Games

How To Draw Pixel Art for Games

Did you know that the U.S. video game industry employs over 298,000 people? Illustrators making digital art for games play a crucial role in the industry. Pixel art for games is a great way for aspiring illustrators to start.

Have you considered using small pixels for retro art-style games? Do you know what the process involves and the tools you’ll need?

The following guide will explain everything you need to know about creating pixel art for games.

Creation Options

Your first and best option is to create the design yourself using tools like Pixie or GIMP. Of course, you may find that it’s too difficult and stalling the development of your game.

You can also find pre-made free art for your game online. But you’ll have to settle for what’s available and it might not meet expectations for your project.

Another option is hiring artists to make your game’s pixel art. Although, this method costs money and most indie developers don’t have the budget for it. You can learn more about the hiring process of artists at FreeUp.

Color Options

Colors are the building blocks of a great pixel art design. Although, choosing can be overwhelming because there are over 16 million hexadecimal colors.

Try to keep it simple and only use a few colors for your digital image. For example, you might use one color for the background and white for sprites. It’s hard to go wrong and throw your image off when using minimal colors.

Keep Your Shapes Basic

When first starting out, try to keep the shapes of your pixel art very basic. You might only need a player, enemy, and a few other shapes to create a simple 2D platformer.

Make things like simple rectangles and circles with added colors. Once you get the hang of basics shapes you can move on to more defined characters and objects.

Use Low Resolution

Creating pixel art has a lot in common with drawing and many people find it difficult. However, using a low resolution for your sprites makes things much easier for novice illustrators.

a lower resolution means that there are fewer pixels available and fewer choices to make. It simplifies the process and you can easily make a character with around 25 pixels.

Keep Advancing Designs

Try using a higher resolution after you’ve moved on from basic shapes and low-resolution art. Note that working with higher resolution takes time to master and lots of trial and error.

Most first attempts don’t look great but just keep tweaking your design and colors. Once you’ve learned how to work in high res you can make games with more creative freedom.

Making Pixel Art for Games

Now you know the basics of creating pixel art for games. Remember to keep it simple by using minimal colors, standard shapes, and a low resolution. Once you nail down the basics, start tweaking your designs in high-res.

Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be making wonderful-looking original games in no time! Check out our how-to category for more fascinating tips.