<strong>How to find coworking space KL</strong>

A coworking space is a shared workspace that provides a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs and independent professionals. It combines the benefits of shared office space with the flexibility and social aspect of a coworking space. Have you been trying to find one in your area and haven’t had much luck. The purpose of this piece is to give you some insight into what factors to consider when looking for a coworking space in KL, as well as some helpful tips on where to find one.

1. Location

This is one of the most important factors that you should consider when looking for a coworking space KL. Even if other factors are equal, you should definitely pick the one located closer to your workplace/apartment.

2. How many people?

Probably the most contentious factor of coworking spaces is how many people will be sharing time in them. In general, the more people there are around the more productive you can become in the space. But if it gets too crowded, you’ll need to work outside or back at your office. It is clear then that, in general, the more people, the better.

3. Cost

Cost is an important factor when looking for a coworking space because you need to be able to afford it on a regular basis. Most coworking spaces will require you to pay a monthly fee (at least $50/month) and often come with additional charges depending on how many days in a row you work out of the office (in most cases this will be 1 day/week and may costed around $150/month).

4. Builder/Founder

Co-working spaces are not created equally. Some of them are built by an established company that’s trying to offer space for independent professionals, while others can be run by an entrepreneur trying to start a new business. In both cases, although you’re working together in the same space, there may be little to no coordination between you and your coworkers and this can lead to quite a bit of friction between you.

5. Amenities

Amenities are very important in the world of coworking spaces. You’ll have to consider if the space comes with:

– Free Coffee or Tea – some offer instant coffee, while others provide you with a place to make your own. There are some that charge for these services so be sure to ask about it when you consider signing up for a space.

– Free Parking – If you’re looking at a remote location then make sure that there is free parking available.

– Internet Access – Some may offer a place to plug in your laptop but there are others that will require you to pay for internet access.

– Security – When looking for a coworking space in KL, make sure that it is safe and secure. Don’t be afraid to ask about security measures in place and if there have been any incidents reported or precautions taken.

<strong>How to find coworking space KL</strong>

6. Efficiency

In this new type of business, you need to consider if the space is efficient enough for you. If it’s not, then there will be times when you’ll have to spend time away from your desk just to be able to focus on other tasks.


In general, coworking spaces are designed to provide free space for entrepreneurs to work on their projects. It is true that the environment may not be the best (no office furniture, etc.) but if you consider your needs first and take advantage of their amenities, then you’ll start to learn how to optimize your time and get the most out of this new type of business.