How to Fix Plex Not Skipping Intro Issue

Plex intro not skipping error

Entertainment becomes fascinating these days with the help of OTT platforms like Netflix, prime, etc. Plex is an effective service that offers its users to watch episodes skipping the introduction. However, it seems boring to watch the introduction every time you want to enjoy your favorite show. Are you tired of watching the introduction again and again? 

Don’t worry on Plex, skipping intros is not a big deal. However, a few users are facing an issue saying they cannot skip intro on Plex. It can happen due to some technical issues with the Plex’s server or any failure from your end.

This blog is mainly to solve the issue through reliable solutions and regarding causes of errors. 

Simple Ways to Solve Plex Not Skipping Intro Issue 

  • You can get a plex pass 

Plex pass is crucial to skip the intro at the start of any episode. A plex pass subscription for $4.99/ month is the way to skip the intro. Those users without a plex pass will not be able to skip the introduction. 

  • Check if your device is supporting skip intro or not 

The intro function is supported in the following devices –

  • Amazon tv 
  • Android 
  • Apple tv 
  • iOS 
  • Mac 
  • PlayStation. 
  • HTPC 
  • Roku app 
  • Windows 
  • Xbox 
  • Try updating newer server 

Outdated apps don’t work properly. Outdated plex may lead to errors while using. For that, it’s crucial to use an updated version of the server. 

  • You can try turning on video markers 

Take an attempt to change video settings by opening plex app, choosing settings and then opting for the menu in the library. 

  • Episode monitoring 

Episode monitoring can be an effective choice for those who are rid of intros and whose plex app is not working. You can visit the plex app and choose the option of any episode or show you want to check.

  •  change the settings 

Choose to change the settings by accessing the settings button. You can change the settings as the plex app offers choices for users to check settings in the menu tab. 


Technology upgrades have given rise to many new changes in our lives. Be it in the area of entertainment, education, or e-commerce we have come far with these innovations. 

But that doesn’t give us any guarantee of zero errors. Errors are unpredictable, we should be aware of reliable solutions to solve them in the plex issues, we can have a plex pass subscription, or can modify the settings to avoid errors. 

This blog will give you a glimpse of solutions for plex not skipping intro issues.