How to Replace the Base of a Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

The cost of office chairs can vary depending on the brand. You could choose one of the cheaper options but you will get much more from a more expensive one.

Gaming chairs are no exception. A gaming setup cannot be complete without a gaming chair. However, you might be reluctant to spend more money once you see the many options available. They are numerous and many of the high-quality gaming chairs that you will find have high prices.

You want to be sure that the gaming chair you select will last for many years before needing to be replaced. A gaming chair that is well-made can last for many months, if not years. However, it will eventually need to be cleaned and repaired.

Don’t despair. If a component of your gaming chair breaks or becomes dysfunctional, it doesn’t mean that the problem is fatal. Even the most difficult problems can usually be solved with a simple fix. It can be difficult to find the solution, so you might think it is easier to replace the entire chair. We’re here to help, so don’t waste any more.

Replacing parts of your office or gaming chair

Before you reach for your wallet to replace your gaming seat, take a look at the issue. Most often, it is just one component that is defective. It’s easy to replace or repair yourself.

It can be difficult to determine the source of an issue in gaming chairs because they are made up of many pieces. These parts can help you determine where the problem is coming from.

  • Wheels
  • Base
  • Lift the cylinder
  • Tilt control mechanism

You don’t have to replace the whole chair if one or two are causing you problems. However, if most of these are causing you pain, you may need to replace the entire chair depending on how costly replacement parts are.

Replacement of the Base

Your gaming chair base is the most important component of the chair. Without it, your chair is basically useless. We will be paying particular attention to this component, but we will also briefly review the other components.

Most likely, you’ve already taken care of your gaming chair. They look great, but they are not built to withstand abuse. The base of your chair is quite resilient and can last for many years before needing to be replaced. This is because it is the most likely component to be knocked into other items.

However, eventually, it will need to be replaced. Replacement bases can be costly – even the most basic replacements, they can cost around $30 – so make sure you negotiate for the best deal and take extra care when replacing it.

We recommend that you choose an aluminum base replacement if you have the budget. It will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

How to Replace and Remove Your Base

You don’t need a degree to remove or replace your base. Once you have broken it down, the process is quite simple. This is exactly what we did for you. These steps will help you get there.

Step 1 

You will need to create a clean environment before you begin disassembling your chair. You will need a flat surface of a reasonable size that is free from obstacles. Next, you will need to cover the area with newspaper or scrappaper. The base of gaming chairs includes a grease-coated gas cylinder, so be prepared for some messy work.

Gloves are also a good idea but are not necessary.

Step 2

Turn your chair so that it is in line with your work area. Then, flip it over. To get started, you’ll need to have clear access to your base.

Step 3

The holding clip should be removed from the middle of the base. You will need either a flathead or needle-nose screwdriver to do this. Once you have the tool in your hand, simply bend the clip slightly so that the piston can slide off.

Step 4

The washer at the top of your piston’s base should be removed. You should be able to pull the washer off with a pull or tug.

Step 5

Pull on the base while rotating it clockwise. You’ll be glad you laid out the newspaper and that the base and gas cylinder came out in one piece. You will likely make a mess of the grease on the base. You can now replace the base and then reverse these steps to attach it again. It’s that simple.

Replacing other Parts

At one time or another, your wheels, tilting control mechanism, and lift cylinder may need to be replaced. We will soon have a guide on how to replace each one. You can expect to pay $15-30 for each component. If more than one component needs to be replaced at once, it might be cheaper just to replace the entire chair.

Final Thoughts

You now know how to change the base of a gaming armchair. We hope you found this guide helpful. We also hope you have a great experience with repairing and maintaining your gaming chair.