How to write a great resume for a machine learning engineer

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A resume for a machine learning engineer has to be well-made since, after all, it’s a high-paying job! A Machine learning engineer’s role is a specific combination of Data Scientist and Software Engineering job roles so there are various responsibilities.

Consider again that in your resume for machine learning engineer you have to include the skills of ‘a Data Scientist’ who is well versed in data management and be a bit of a software engineer as well!

‘Machine learning engineer’ comes among the highest paying jobs in the U.S.A with a 344% growth rate and a mean salary of about $146,085 every year! 

Here are some tips on what to include in your Machine Learning Resume!

  1. Be sure to carefully read the job description.

Ensure you have carefully read the job posting – use strong words from the job description that most closely resemble your skills and experience, so as to attract the attention of the potential employer.

  1.  Be certain your resume is ATS compliant.

Include words that are sure to be detected by the applicant tracking system. Employ keywords that are eye-catching and recognizable so that your resume fits the job description!

  1. Include a well-written Resume Summary

Upon adding your contact details, and social media links at the page top, be sure to include a short resume summary/objective statement that will encapsulate your career goals and work experiences. If this section is well written the employer will be encouraged to continue reading the rest of your Machine Learning Resume!

  1. Include hard and soft skills

Be sure to include your hard skills i.e. your data management skills!  Remember that the best part of being a Machine learning engineer is bringing the best of both worlds to the table, i.e. your Data Scientist skills as well as your skills as a software engineer.

Credible Examples? Your knowledge of Big Data frameworks like Hadoop, Hive, etc. will all be of great use in your ML resume, as well as your experience of working with ML frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras. You can also write about your knowledge of various ML libraries and packages like Scikit learn, Tensorflow, etc.

Note down your soft skills such as your communication skills and leadership skills as well. Including your technical knowledge is not enough in a workplace but your ability to work with a team also counts!

  1. Include relevant education, certifications, and training

Be sure to include all relevant educational qualifications like your degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Math. You may also include your knowledge of Robust data modeling and data architecture skills. Noting down your programming experience in Python, R, Java, C++, etc. is a great idea as well!

  1. After this, add relevant experience!

While Including the relevant experience in reverse-chronological order, be sure to list not only the duration of the job, with respective dates. Also, list your key achievements and how they impacted the organization! These items would be further testimony of why you should be shortlisted!

Key points to bear in one’s mind!

Remember to use the following tips whenever you write your resume. They are a short synopsis of all the information given above.

  • Read the job description while using words from the job description
  • Use Applicant Tracking System Compliant words to ensure your resume is noticed.
  •  Add your contact details at the top of the page like any other resume!
  • Ensure that you Include an encouraging summary so that the reader continues reading.
  • List both your hard skills and soft skills
  •  Add educational qualifications, certifications, and other training in a separate section
  • Include the relevant work experience in a reverse-chronological manner
  • Finally, proofread your resume!

Keep all of these things in mind, so you make a nicely done Machine Learning resume!