How Tree campus App helps you to improve English speaking

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Today the internet is filled with free spoken English course apps specially designed to let you learn to speak English for free online. Such applications are apt for novice learners. There are also apps that news you to pay course fees. However many apps offer courses for free and many beginners find them useful. So, how do you choose which app to use to learn English? Well, let’s take a look at how the best English speaking course online free app Tree campus designs the course. 

The Way Best Online Spoken English App Designs The Course. 

Many beginners use such apps. Therefore, the free application needs to be user-friendly and interesting. It must give the student a good way to learn spoken English. Following are the methods that are on offer by Tree Campus to help you to improve your English speaking.

Improving Stock Of Words 

Vocabulary is non-negotiable for one learning to speak in a new language. The student must be adept at belting out the correct words while speaking. It is not possible to communicate without knowing words. However, learning words take time. 

The tree campus app facilitates novice learners to learn new words via the method of image learning and listening. This helps the students to learn the words super quickly. When the student learns words via such methods the words make a permanent space in their memory. 

The student can also take notes of those words and make lists to memorize the words. However, one has to practice those words every day to practice speaking and sentence construction which then allows one to recall the words easily at the time of speaking or writi

Improving Knowledge Of Grammar 

You can only learn a language with its grammar. Without knowing the rules of grammar learners can’t begin to speak the language making complete sense. Therefore, grammar is the most important thing for someone to learn English.

The Tree campus application offers multiple ways to teach grammar. The learners can listen to the grammar rules and thereafter get many options to practice it on the application. There are practice sessions on rules of grammar such as proverbs, verbs, prefixes, suffixes, and prepositions. These practice sessions are well-versed and equipped to introduce the rules of grammar to the beginner. 

Then there are also tests to test the level of study one has advanced provided in the app. The student has the option to practice grammar through tests whenever they can manage time or daily. They can submit their test to know their score. This can help them in tracking their progress and improve their grammar.  

English Practice Sessions

The tree campus app also helps the students learn English by providing English practice sessions. These especially help beginners. The basic rules of speaking are important to speak flawless English. The app provides the learner with proper training in spoken English. The practice session has the following features: 

  • An interactive session for the students to practice with other students and the teachers.
  • The students can get a call and they can do English practice through calls with other learners or teachers. 
  • Group talks with one or more people. This group talk helps one in improving communication skills. One can have a definite topic to have a conversation on in a group call. This also improves the listening and discussion ability of the student. 

Improving Pronunciation

Diction and pronunciation are other vital factors in learning to speak English. The student can’t avoid the importance of learning how each word is pronounced. There are pre-recorded courses to learn pronunciation. They allow the students to sentences and words and understand their pronunciation. This helps the students to learn and imbibe the pronunciation of different words and letters correctly. 


With the above features, Tree Campus is the English speaking online practice app free to download. The students can register themselves on the application and start learning to speak English almost instantly. The application offers features like improving pronunciation, learning the rules of grammar, strengthening one’s vocabulary, and practice sessions. With a little practice, one can start speaking English and keep improving continuously by taking advantage of the features. This is how the Tree Campus app helps in improving english. Happy Learning